Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Jaxon's surgery

Ok so I haven't blogged on this site in AGES, but I decided that if I'm going to read blogs here I might as well write them too. They probably won't be dazzling but they might give you some insight into my life. Speaking of my baby had surgery today! It was nerve wracking to say the least but we made it through. When we first got to the hospital we went to the same day surgery unit and we gave our name! They gave us niftly little name tags with Jaxon's name on it and a pink bracelet with his info on it for me. Then after filling out and signing a mountain of forms, we were told to sit in the waiting area until triage called us! I had to take pictures so here you are!

Once triage called us back, the nurse took his weight and blood pressure, temperature, head circumfrence, and listened to his lungs. Then she handed me these adorable baby hospital gown and pants and asked me to change him into them!

Then a nurse practitioner came in and gave him a good once over to make sure he was able to have the surgery. Then she walked us to the pre-op waiting area. There I got to sit in a rocking chair and rock my baby! I was in HEAVEN! I love cuddling with my little angel. So that is where the NP that was going to be with him during the surgery came to talk with us, as well as the urologist and the anesthesiologist. At about 8:30 they came and walked us to the big double doors where the OR's are and I had to hand my angel over to them. It was the hardest thing I've had to do in a very long time. Ian and I walked down and grabbed breakfast, took it up to the waiting area and ate. About 25-30 minutes later, the Dr. came in and told us the procedure went very well. As soon as he left us, the receptionist called for one parent of Jaxon's to come into recovery with him. I didn't hesitate! When I got there they had just given him some medication and he wasn't happy. I talked to him calmed him down and he drifted off. Then I snapped this picture!

He was hanging on to the blow by at this point! After a few minutes and he woke up again they let me hold him until it was time to move him to post-op. When we got to post-op, he had some heart accelerations and O2 desats but we got him fed and some more O2 and he started perking up. Here is a picture of us in post-op before we left... When we left he finally fell asleep in the car. He has slept most of the day today. But he's been extra cuddly when he's been awake. A plus for Mommy!!!!

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Smooches, Kara said...

I finally got a chance to get on here and see that you are blogging!! I am so thrilled!! I, for one, will be a regular ;)

Still chilling in Illinois! I will be home next week with some new blogging myself!!