Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Jaxon's 9 Month Well Baby

So we just got back from Jaxon's 9 month Well Baby visit. Yes, I know I'm a slacker mommy. He will be 10 months old tomorrow. So the good news is that Jaxon now weighs..... drum roll please..... 17 lbs 8 oz!!!!!!!!! Way to grow Jaxon!!!! He is officially in the 5th percentile on the growth chart. That's the highest he's ever been! So one he's back on the gc and two he's finally getting up there!!!!! No more preemie chart!!!!

Now here's the kind of makes me sad, kind of makes me happy info. The ped says that Jaxon is delayed even more than his adjusted age of 8 months on some things like gross motor skills. He says at the very least Jaxon should be rolling (he's not) and putting himself into a sitting position. He can sit up for a while and play but I have to sit him up. If he falls over, he can't get back up. I'm not worried about the crawling or creeping. I'm actually not sure I'm ready for that yet but he should be able to do these basic things. He also is concerned that he's not doing the pincher grasp. He can use his whole hand for things but he can't pick up like cheerios or gerber fruit puffs. He says other than these things Jaxon is extremely happy and healthy.

He looked at his circumcision and it's healing beautifully. He told me that I need to start pulling the skin back from the head of the penis so that it doesn't try to reattach itself. He said that if you don't take care of that properly that it can do that. But he looked at it and it looks great. :)

Oh and as far as his acid reflux, we are going to wait a little longer before we see a gastroenterologist (I didn't spell that right I dont think). He said that most babies out grow the acid reflux by this age but that they are usually upright so much more, sitting, crawling, creeping, pulling up and that it helps a lot. Since Jaxon hasn't reached those milestones he wants to give it some more time before he refers us to one. So hopefully by his 12 month check up we'll either be reflux free or going to see the specialist.

Anyway, so I'll keep you updated on how my sweetie is doing. I've already called EI and I'm waiting for them to call me back. I hope they can get out here soon to reevaluate him. Waiting sucks!

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Rebecca said...

Both my kids were pukers and both grew out of it...although, my little Yeva was puking more because I didn't realize I was poisoning her!!! She is allergic to milk and nobody caught it - it just seemed like regular old spit up, ya know? LOL!!! But Benny, well, that was reflux for sure and he did outgrow it once he was standing upright. ;)