Monday, July 2, 2007

Saying Goodbye

So Saturday I had to say goodbye to one of my dearest friends. Her name is Kristen. We met at the beginning of 2006 when our kids were both in the same preschool class. Toward the end of the school year she had Brennan over to play. We didn't see one another over the summer but when Kindergarten started we ran into each other and we began to set up playdates for the kids. After I had Jaxon, she began bringing Brennan home from school in the afternoons so I wouldn't have to take Jaxon out and expose him to all the big bad germs. Seeing her everyday, we became close. Pretty soon we were going out to dinner and a movie at least once a month. We always had a blast together. A few months before school let out she came to me and said that they had recieved orders. In the military that means that you have a new assignment and that you will be moving. Sadly we all know that this will eventually come but it never makes it any easier. So this day was Saturday. Well actually they left on Sunday, but we said goodbye on Saturday. We went out to dinner at Red Robin (our favorite restaurant) and saw Evan Almighty (Hilarious Great movie!) on Thursday night. Saturday, her daughter Grace came over and played for a few hours. We knew that when Kristen came to pick Grace up we'd be saying goodbye. The kids had a blast. I didn't have the heart to follow them with the camera while they were playing for the last time so I waited until right before they left. When Kristen walked in she kind of smiled and said "We are NOT saying goodbye! This isn't goodbye. It's I'll see you later!" Of course I was already in tears. (I'm an extremely emotional person!) So we went and woke Jaxon up so she could love on him for the last time. Here are some the pictures I took of them!

This one is my favorite picture! She's smiling and he's trying to look at her!

Then we called in Brennan and Grace and explained once more that they had to say bye but that they would stay in touch. I took a quick picture of them because they didn't want me to take too many~ you know they are too old for that! LOL :)

Aren't they the cutest best friends you've ever seen????!!!!!

These two were so cute all the time together. Funny side story Kristen told me about a conversation they had one day in her car. She said that Grace said she wanted to have a baby like Jaxon and Brennan agreed that one day he'd like to have babies too! Grace then says well I've got coupons for diapers! She's been collecting all the coupons for diapers out of all the Sunday papers for about a year now! LOL How cute was that! She's prepared! She's got coupons!

So anyway, I didn't get any pictures of me and Kristen that day because I had just put makeup on and it was by this time running down my face! So we hugged like a bagillion times and said I love you's and I'll miss you's. We walked them outside hugged the kids one last time and off they went. It breaks my heart just thinking of it. I drove by the TLF they were staying at on Sunday morning on my way off the base and their cars were already gone. Headed East to get on a plane. I wish them all the best and I know they are going to have an amazing adventure. I can't wait to hear the stories she's going to have once she gets there! I sure hope she gets to party with the guy that sits on the side of the road with a bird on his shoulder smoking a hooka pipe! (It's a picture she brought me the day she told me that she was moving! That's how she broke the news!)

But I did make her a few things for her to take with her. I'll share those with you all since I'm very proud of them!
This is the card I made for her. It's simple but it says it all. Friends 4 ever!
I had this picture of Kristen, Eileen, Leanne, and Me taken on June 1st at the Kindergarten Graduation party we threw for our kids blown up to 5x7. I put it in a frame and added a few extras on the matt. Then we (Eileen, Leanne, and Myself) signed a little note to her!


Smooches, Kara said...

OK the matte you made for her is perfection!! I adore it! A very sweet blog for a very sweet friend. Thanks for sharing.

Special K ~Toni said...

OH- the coupon thing is priceless!

Special K ~Toni said...

What a pretty card! I never say goodbye. I just can't do it. I actually keep in touch with a few people we became close to at other bases.