Saturday, July 28, 2007

Weekend Reflection #3

This week was basically a dull week for us. Monday I took Brennan to swimming. Ian and I had an appointment that we had to go to that afternoon. I worked on two baby baskets that our squadron puts together and gives out when a new baby arrives.

Tuesday I had to take Brennan to swimming lessons. I came home and cleaned a bit. My back started hurting really bad. Not the usual fibromyalgia pain that I usually get. It even hurt to breathe. Ian finally got his fuel pump replaced. It only took him 3 hours to put it back together. I am so happy about that!! I don't have to chaufer him around anymore. I also forgot my military ID and realized that as I was coming home from the Chiro. Ian had to go home and get and bring it to me off base so I could go home!

Wednesday I took Brennan to swimming lessons. I had lunch with my friend Sarah and her baby Milo. We went to her house for about an hour to let the boys play for a bit. It was a lot of fun. My back wasn't feeling any better so I called an made an appointment with my chiropractor. He saw me at 3:00 and said that the right half of my body was higher than the left. No wonder I was in so much pain.

Jaxon and Milo playing

Thursday we totally forgot about the last day of swimming lessons. I still wasn't feeling well. My internet went down and comcast said they couldn't come until Monday! I babysat my neighbors kids and I was supposed to have my two regular boys that day as well but didn't. Ian left to go to his friend Kris's to watch a baseball game. They were all drinking so they all passed out in his living room. I was telling my friend Kim that I'd never read any of the Harry Potter books and just didn't get what all the hoopla was about for the last month with the release of the movie and the last book. Almost everyone I know is obssessed with this boy named Harry Potter and his magical world. So I told her that I was going to have to find out what it was all about. I said I think I'll read the first one and see if it's any good. Thursday night Kim knocked on my door. I opened it up and Kim was standing there with the first book. She says to me, "now you know I really like you because I don't even let Ivy read this one! She has her own!" Ivy is her almost teenage daughter. (Yes, Kara you may now cry now!) I laughed and told her I'd take very good care of it. I started reading it Thursday night but only got two chapters in before I fell asleep from the pain meds I took. I took a nice nap and then got up and fed my kids, and took a hot bath and read some more. I read some before I went to bed also.

Friday morning Ian came home about 10 and I was laying in bed reading HP. He says lets do something today. I said like what? He says well lets get dressed and go have lunch, then maybe the zoo. So we were out the door around 11:30. We went to Denny's for lunch and then off to Utah's Hogle Zoo. We had so much fun. It was hot and it was a lot of walking but Brennan was sooo excited to see all of the animals. Jaxon like them too. So right before we were fixing to leave we go into the gift shop. I'd promised Brennan he could pick something out to take home. Ian waited outside with Jaxon while Brennan and I looked around. Brennan had finally decided on adding to his rock collection and was happily filling up his little bag with new rocks. I was headed outside to call Ian to bring my wallet. As I got to the door I hear "DENISE!!!" I turned around and I almost fell over. It was my dear friend Amanda who'd moved to Gaum last December. She'd come back for a short visit to see her family. I was soo excited to see her. We made plans to have lunch this coming Thursday. I can't wait! :) So we run to the commissary and then go home. Ian headed out to go see the Simpson's movie with Kris. He says that it was very funny but not something children should see. My children don't watch the tv show so they won't be seeing this movie. So I read HP until after midnight last night. It was all I could do not to finish the whole book but I was sooo tired.

Ian, Jaxon and Brennan on the Zoo~express!

Me and Jaxon on the Zoo~express!

Saturday (today) I woke up and fed Jaxon a bottle and we went back to sleep until 10:30. It was nice to "sleep in." Ian had left at like 6:30 to go help some guy tile something or build something. See how well I listen when I have my nose stuck in a book??? He came home at 11:30 and watched the boys while I finished reading the last 20 pages of HP. I got up and put my shoes on and walked across the street to Kims. When I walked in her husband Glen asked me what was up. I told him I wanted to return her book. I heard her laughing. He said tell Ian not to hold me responsible for getting you hooked. Kim is going to loan me the second book. I hope it's soon. I'd love to get started on the next one! :)

After I did that I checked my mail and had a lot of mail in there. I don't think I checked it in a few days. I had two packages from the Tori's Good Mail group. I was so excited. Tori sent me these adorable I Love Lucy note cards and Kayelyn sent me a bunch of stuff for my burn and first aid for my owie :), a birthday card (my first one so far!), and my very own birthday goody bag! It has all kinds of cool stuff in it like gum, candles, party favors. I was sooo excited to get it. Thanks ladies. You made my day. Good mail girls, be on the lookout. I'll have some packages mailed out on Monday! As soon as my camera battery charges I'll post pictures of my GOOD MAIL! :)

After that I packed lunch and off we went to the splash pad. We met met my friend Rachiell and we had lunch and the boys played in the water. Rachiell and I caught up. It was so nice to sit and relax and really get to talk with her. She works all the time.

I came home and cleaned my house including my dishwasher. I'm pretty excited that it's all nice and clean right now. It makes me happy. I just have some laundry left to do tonight. Also, obviously my internet came back on. It was down for two whole days and it was AWFUL! All is well here now. :)

Tomorrow (Sunday) we are going to church. Ian is going to work as we are all done. He had originally taken it off for us to have a family day but they are really short staffed right now.

Well I better run for now. I need to give my boys baths and get them ready for bed. :)

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Klin said...

I am so glad you got your internet back. I think I'd go stark raving mad without mine.

Hope the owie gets better soon.

I love the zoo. Fortunately, so do my little 9 and 11 year olds.

Denise said...

Kayelyn, I just about did go crazy without it. Thank goodness I had Harry Potter to keep me company! :) Thanks for all the really cool stuff. It was a great present! HUGS!

Nancy Brown said...

I take it you like harry!!

Hope you have a really good week this week and things keep going good. Good luck with Jax

Denise said...

Thanks so much Nancy! Yes I think I'm hooked! LOL :) I'm in need of a fix now! Just kidding. :) HUGS!

CarolinaDreamz said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of Harry! I have lived HP through my children and just started reading number one, with them. We are "start them over in order" readers before we add new ones.. :)

Is the good mail club private? How fun. I know I'm new here.. you mentioned a birthday card.. or first one.. so I'll leave my Happy Birthday here so I don't miss it!

Thanks for stopping by.. Yes, its exciting to be in the Carolina Girl life.. but there is a serious Cali Girl deep inside of me, too.


Denise said...

Thanks! The good mail group is private. You have to sign up in order to do it. It's a lot of fun! It's made my day!
My birthday is August 11th. I got my first birthday card from Kayelyn. It was exciting.
So you aren't from Charleston? I was born and raised there until we moved here two years ago. I so miss it and get back to visit my family every chance I get! :)