Monday, August 20, 2007


Ok so I've been MIA. I've had a lot of stuff going on. I can't believe that it's been so long myself. First Jaxon has gotten better! Thank goodness. He is doing well. We are in the middle of getting Brennan ready for school. They start next week. Buying all this stuff they need before school is crazy expensive. I wish someone would have warned me! LOL.
Anyway I've been babysitting a lot lately. I always have extra kids over here. They keep Brennan occupied. Boy am I looking forward to school starting though! Just a little while longer!

My birthday was a blast. I had so much fun. Jennifer, Kim, Stacey, Rachiell and Leanne all went out to dinner with me to Olive Garden. We wore lei's and everyone kept asking us why we wore them. I got a beautiful italian charm bracelet from Rachiell. Stacey got me a pretty candle and stuck a Happy Birthday sign in my yard. It was very cute. Jennifer gave me beautiful roses. They are just about dead now and unfortunately I didn't get a chance to take a picture of them. It was soo much fun. We laughed, and had this crazy waiter. We ate and drank and it was just a really great time. I will post pictures on another blog of my birthday because it wont let me add anymore to this one. ;)

Ian had taken me out to dinner the night before that to Texas Roadhouse. We had so much fun. It was yummy!!! It was a very nice "date" with my husband. :) I love you honey!

Me and Ian before dinner
Ian and I in the car on the way to Texas Roadhouse

When I left off the last time we were going to do something with our squadron. Well we went to Lagoon (it's an amusement park here). Ian and I had never been before that day. We had a blast and were totally shocked that my 6 year old, Brennan rode all the rides that his daddy rode. Including the Wicked. This thing is one of those with the track underneath you and it looks like it's hardly on the track at all. It shoots you straight up into the air and right back down. It looks something like this _I_ I'm totally serious. I'll have to post a picture of it. It was amazing. I was so proud of him. I thought for sure he'd never want to ride another ride there but he did. He went on all the roller coasters including the ones that go upside down. We got these bounce back passes so that we can go back for only $7.50 anytime between now and the end of the month. Ian and I are going to make it a date and go by ourselves with no kids.
Brennan and Ian on the Bat
Me and Brennan on the Bat
The Wicked

So today I had a meeting with the Commander and First Sergeant of our squadron and I have been appointed as the Keyspouse. I am very excited about this. Basically I'm just a point of contact for families in the squadron but there are more tasks to it than just that. I'm so honored that they picked and asked me to do this.
Well that's it for now. I'll be posting the pics from my birthday soon. :)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Catch Up

Well, Jaxon is FINALLY getting better. He's such a happier baby with the augmentin in him. Life has been rather difficult this week when you get no sleep. But he's finally back to playing and eating and NOT screaming all the time.

I think my equilibrium is off or something because everytime I turn around I'm hurting myself. First it was the burn, then I burnt my hand again, then I slipped getting into the shower and have this HUGE bruise on my leg (it's bigger than a baseball), and then yesterday I was checking my mail across the street with Jaxon in my arms and I was walking back home and the next thing I knew was that we were on the ground. I don't know how we ended up on the ground but we sure did. So I'm all scrapped up. I guess I managed to shield Jaxon because he is perfectly fine. No marks whatsoever. I'm starting to get worried about all this stuff. Maybe it's another side effect of the fibromyalgia that I didn't realize. Goodness knows that I find out a new one regularly. It's been 4 years since I was diagnosed and every time I think I get it "managed" since there is no cure for it something else pops up. Some other symptom or pain. I'll be 27 on Saturday and I swear I think that I'm already falling apart.

Anyway I better run cause we have a very fun squadron function today and I have to get me and the boys ready to go before Ian gets back home. He had to go into work for an hour before we all go. I'll be posting about it hopefully with pictures when we get back. Have a great day! :0)

Monday, August 6, 2007

Early Intervention... Again

Well even though Jaxon is sick I still took him to his EI evaluation today. It's so hard to get an appointment time with them and it's been rescheduled 3 times already. So anyway, We went and we had a good visit and Jaxon even sick is completely a ham. The antibiotics are already working because he was just so excited and loved all the cool toys they gave him to play with. After an hour they did all the paperwork and informed him that we qualify for PT (physical Therapy) because his gross motor skills are borderline. He is at his adjusted age (9 months) for everything else like fine motor skills, social, problem solving and such. His gross motor was assessed at 7 months. Also, one of the ladies looked at him right when we got there and asked if we ever noticed his feet? I said well yeah I look at his feet all the time. She pointed out that his second toe on both feet was the shortest toe he has when it should be the second longest. She said that it can be indicative that something else is going on sometimes. I guess we will just have to wait that one out and see. Anyway I don't know whether to be happy that he's getting the help he needs or cry because he needs help. I know it's silly but I'm having mixed emotions. Out therapist will be calling soon to see him before we set up his IFSP (Individual Family Service Plan). Anyway, we are home now and he's napping. I'm going to find something to eat. I think I hear the pop tarts calling my name! :)

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Weekend Reflection...

This week as just been awful. I know I've had several posts this week about my sick baby but seriously like that's all I've done this week. Monday I had lunch with a friend I hadn't seen in a while, Tuesday I got to grocery shop, Wednesday I can't remember what I did, Thursday lunch with my friend from Guam and then Jaxon got super sick so off to Wee Care we went. Friday home with my sick baby. Saturday home with my sick baby, although I did clean Brennan's room really well and rearranged it. Today home with my sick baby except for taking him to Wee Care again. Only this time we got two other diagnoses (is that right? I don't know) He has a double ear infection and "possible" pneumonia. OH joy let me tell you much fun it's been this week. Sorry that's all I can really say right now. Not a great week. I hope this week is MUCH better because goodness knows I may go stir crazy. Hope everyone has had a good week. HUGS!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Birthday Help Please!!!

That's right. My sweet angel baby is getting ready to turn the big O-N-E next month. That's right NEXT month (OMG I so didn't realize that it was actually next month until just now.) Ian and I have decided that despite the fact that we aren't "home" (Charleston, SC or Waterford, MI) where our families are, that we are going through the biggest first birthday party we can. We want to celebrate our little miracle baby. Last year at this time I was getting ready to have my baby shower (it was on August 5th) and had no idea that in just a little over a month he'd come join our family. It was such a rough start, the day to day not knowing if the next time the doctor called it would be worse than the one before, or not knowing what they were going to tell me when I walked into the NICU everyday. I prayed daily for them to tell me I'd get to hold him. I prayed constantly that he'd make it. Anyway, I'm getting side tracked and all teary eyed. The point to my blog today is that Ian and I can't make a decision on Jaxon's birthday theme. We've been going back and forth sooo much and since I just realized how close it was I need to get a move on ordering the stuff for his party. So please help us decide which theme to go with. Here are the ones we are thinking of:

Ian wants this one: John Deere

I am so not about the tractor deal. I love my farm boy husband and all but this as a first birthday theme is just not my pick. So here are the ones I like:

Baby Einstein, Little Boy 1, Lil Prince, and Safari Babies.

Ok so there are the ones we can't agree on. If you'd like to look at the rest of the collections you can click here for 1stwishes. Please let me know your opinion because my babies birthday will come and go before Ian and I are able to agree! :) Thanks!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Ok So Maybe It was....

Well Jaxon still has a rash but we haven't had anymore fever today. He was still crabby. I think it was the combination of roseola and teething because this morning I felt around in his mouth and sure enough he's cut his third tooth. So maybe it's just a sucky week for him. I sure hope he feels better soon. But I did get some good cuddle time with him today. We layed on the couch and he slept on my tummy for a long time. He's never done that ever. He's only ever wanted to sleep in his bed. Not that I'm complaining about that but I like to hold him and listen to him breathe and such. Anyway, thanks for everyone's well wishes. I'm sure he's going to be better in just a couple of days. It's much appreciated. :)

Thursday, August 2, 2007

It Wasn't Teething! :(

So after five long days of extreme crabbiness, fever of 102 and below (yes this is normal temp for him teething too!), runny nose and congestion and me thinking it was teething hell, I find out that it's not. Today being the crappy day that it was had a baby with all of the above symptoms but then he decided to add projectile vomiting. Oh yes boy was that pleasant! I put him in his jumperoo and as soon as I did he puked and it covered the jumperoo, the floor underneath him, the carpet all around him, me and the kitchen tile in the next room. NO I'm not exaggerating either. It was awful. So I grab him, take him out of his clothes, clean him up and change his diaper. I decided I would put him in his swing in his room with a blanket so he could rest for a bit listening to the music while I cleaned up the mess. So I did that. I grab my 2nd Harry Potter book and walk into his room. I decided I was going to sit in his room while he rested in swing and read. So I'm reading and he's resting and I look over at him and he smiles at me, but something isn't right. So I look closer at him and think it's too dark in here I'm seeing things. I turn on the bedroom light and lo and behold he's COVERED head to toe in a rash! Just that quick. I was just floored. He's never had a rash before. So after a call to his pediatrician, we are out the door to Wee Care. We get right in and after he's weighed (17 lbs 7 oz) the doc comes in and examines him. He says well the good news is it's nothing serious. The bad news is we cant' do anything for it. I was like what is it? He says it's Roseola. He said the rash should be the end of it and he should be getting better soon and that we shouldn't have any more fever from it. Unfortunately that still leaves me with a very miserable little guy! And that miserable guy is now crying in his crib. I hope baby tylenol and some cuddles from Mommy will make him feel a little better! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Good Mail

I promised that I would post pictures of the good mail that was sent to me from Tori and Kayelyn. So here's my presents!!! Thanks so much ladies. You really made my day! :)
My Birthday goody bag and first aid for my burn from Kayelyn!!!

A note and Cards and envelopes from Tori! Thanks so much, Tori!

And yesterday I recieved some more good mail from Jenni! She sent me two packets of good smelling foot scrub and an emory board. Thanks so much! I like to take good care of my tootsies!

Thanks again Ladies. You made my day!!!! LOVE All of it!!!! :)

American Idols Live ~~ The Details

So for Kim's birthday, her dear husband Glen bought her American Idols Live tickets. She graciously invited me to go and I accepted. So yesterday Kim and I went to dinner at Red Robin and then to the American Idols Live concert. They don't allow cameras in the Energy Solutions arena and I didn't want to lose my camera for trying to sneak it in so we took a photo outsie before the concert. The first one wasn't a great picture. Kim had her eyes closed!
So here is the second picture! It was MUCH better. It turned out very cute! :)
So when we first walked in they handed us this card to get our picture taken on the "red carpet" in front of the TV Guide backdrop. It was a very cute picture if I do say so myself! We pretended we were oh so important!

So then we found our seats. They were very good seats on the right side of the stage and we could see everything. Before the show started there were two security guard looking guys on the stage. When the show started one started walking across the stage and I knew right away it was Blake dressed up as a security guard. He had a wig and hat on so it took a while for everyone to realize it was him. The show was so much fun. The energy these guys give was contagious. They did a great job! The top 10 idols were there. Miss American Idol 2007 herself Jordin Sparks, Blake Lewis, Melinda Doolittle, LaKisha Jones, Chris Richardson, Phil Stacey, Sanjaya Malakar, Haley Scarnato, Gina Glocksen, Chris Sligh. There were country songs, rock songs, America the Beautiful was sung by Phil Stacey in his navy uniform, and Blake beat boxed (is that what it's called??? sorry!) It was a fantasic show. We hardly stayed in our seats. At one point I looked over at Kim and she was jammin to the music. I was like GO KIM!!!! We danced, sang along, screamed, clapped and laughed. I would TOTALLY go back see them again. So if they are coming on tour near you, go see them. It's a blast! When we were leaving, the poptart guys were handing out free poptarts. Brennan was soo excited to see that I brought him poptarts home. They are his favorite! :) What a fun time! Thanks so much Kim! I'll never forget it! HUGS!!!!!

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