Monday, August 6, 2007

Early Intervention... Again

Well even though Jaxon is sick I still took him to his EI evaluation today. It's so hard to get an appointment time with them and it's been rescheduled 3 times already. So anyway, We went and we had a good visit and Jaxon even sick is completely a ham. The antibiotics are already working because he was just so excited and loved all the cool toys they gave him to play with. After an hour they did all the paperwork and informed him that we qualify for PT (physical Therapy) because his gross motor skills are borderline. He is at his adjusted age (9 months) for everything else like fine motor skills, social, problem solving and such. His gross motor was assessed at 7 months. Also, one of the ladies looked at him right when we got there and asked if we ever noticed his feet? I said well yeah I look at his feet all the time. She pointed out that his second toe on both feet was the shortest toe he has when it should be the second longest. She said that it can be indicative that something else is going on sometimes. I guess we will just have to wait that one out and see. Anyway I don't know whether to be happy that he's getting the help he needs or cry because he needs help. I know it's silly but I'm having mixed emotions. Out therapist will be calling soon to see him before we set up his IFSP (Individual Family Service Plan). Anyway, we are home now and he's napping. I'm going to find something to eat. I think I hear the pop tarts calling my name! :)


Sonya said...

Pop Tarts often call my name...especially the chocolate chip cookie dough ones!

Klin said...

A toe diagnosis, huh? Hadn't hear that one before. Keep us posted.

Glad he's starting to feel better. It's so hard to watch them suffer and not be able to do much to ease their discomfort. I'd love to tell ya that it changes, but there are some things that we all must suffer through.

My kids tell me every ache and pain, like I'm some miracle worker that can take it all away. Oh yeah, mommy kisses. That's my magic.

Special K ~Toni said...

Great! Now I am off to check the toe length of the fruit of my loins!

Will catch up more later! Hope Jaxon is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

You are missing a day in the challenge :(