Thursday, August 2, 2007

It Wasn't Teething! :(

So after five long days of extreme crabbiness, fever of 102 and below (yes this is normal temp for him teething too!), runny nose and congestion and me thinking it was teething hell, I find out that it's not. Today being the crappy day that it was had a baby with all of the above symptoms but then he decided to add projectile vomiting. Oh yes boy was that pleasant! I put him in his jumperoo and as soon as I did he puked and it covered the jumperoo, the floor underneath him, the carpet all around him, me and the kitchen tile in the next room. NO I'm not exaggerating either. It was awful. So I grab him, take him out of his clothes, clean him up and change his diaper. I decided I would put him in his swing in his room with a blanket so he could rest for a bit listening to the music while I cleaned up the mess. So I did that. I grab my 2nd Harry Potter book and walk into his room. I decided I was going to sit in his room while he rested in swing and read. So I'm reading and he's resting and I look over at him and he smiles at me, but something isn't right. So I look closer at him and think it's too dark in here I'm seeing things. I turn on the bedroom light and lo and behold he's COVERED head to toe in a rash! Just that quick. I was just floored. He's never had a rash before. So after a call to his pediatrician, we are out the door to Wee Care. We get right in and after he's weighed (17 lbs 7 oz) the doc comes in and examines him. He says well the good news is it's nothing serious. The bad news is we cant' do anything for it. I was like what is it? He says it's Roseola. He said the rash should be the end of it and he should be getting better soon and that we shouldn't have any more fever from it. Unfortunately that still leaves me with a very miserable little guy! And that miserable guy is now crying in his crib. I hope baby tylenol and some cuddles from Mommy will make him feel a little better! Wish me luck!


Sarah said...

awww...poor jaxon! that's terrible! i hope he starts feeling better really soon for his sake, and yours!

i love wee care! who do you see there? we see dr gilsoul, but have seen a smattering of the dr's

Smooches, Kara said...

aw man those little ones sure do like to keep us on our toes!!!

Smooches to Jaxon! Get better little man!

Sonya said...

Poor baby! And poor mama too! I hope both of you will get some rest today!

Mom Tu-Tu said...

I hope your little guy feels better soon!

Klin said...

I hated that Roseola stuff when my kiddos were little. It leaves mom feeling frustrated because there is NOTHING you can really do but try to make them comfortable.

Hope he gets better real fast.