Friday, August 3, 2007

Ok So Maybe It was....

Well Jaxon still has a rash but we haven't had anymore fever today. He was still crabby. I think it was the combination of roseola and teething because this morning I felt around in his mouth and sure enough he's cut his third tooth. So maybe it's just a sucky week for him. I sure hope he feels better soon. But I did get some good cuddle time with him today. We layed on the couch and he slept on my tummy for a long time. He's never done that ever. He's only ever wanted to sleep in his bed. Not that I'm complaining about that but I like to hold him and listen to him breathe and such. Anyway, thanks for everyone's well wishes. I'm sure he's going to be better in just a couple of days. It's much appreciated. :)

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