Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

Just wanted to say Happy Halloween to all of my blogging friends. I will be sharing pictures of my Power Ranger and Turtle later on. This past few days have been so crazy busy. Wednesday I decorated for halloween. Yes, a week before but my house looks cute! Thursday we went to the pumpkin patch with my friend Denise and her kids. Friday I was busy getting everything ready for our squadron Halloween Festival. I was there all day. It went well but I hurt everywhere by the time we got done, cleaned up and locked the doors. Saturday I stayed home but my house was trashed so I took some motrin and cleaned most of the day. Sunday I had a birthday party to go to at the Living Planet Aquarium. After the party, me and Brennan met an old friend and her son at Chuck E. Cheese for dinner. We had fun and ate way too much. Steff and I got to catch up a bit. Her son Riley came and spent the night with us that night.
Monday, Denise, Lyndsi and I took all of our kids plus Riley up to Ogden Canyon and took lots and lots of pictures. They were great! But we were exhausted. So after the photo day we came back to my house, ordered pizza, and played Phase 10. The kids played outside and got all their energy out. Yesterday Denise and I went to walmart and then we came over to my house and got everything ready for dinner, played yahtzee and hung out till Ian got off work. Once he got off work we went over to Denise's house, she cooked and then we watched Transformers on her big screen. That movie was awesome! Today we got up and got B ready for school in his costume. I went directly to the commissary after dropping him off, got groceries, came home and put all the cold stuff away. Then I went to meet Rachiell for brunch. It was good to see her and catch up. We are both so busy these days. Then I came home, put away more of my groceries, did dishes, and got ready to go to Brennan's school for the halloween parade and his class party that I organized. We got through the school parade and the party, but I'm completely exhausted. I really don't want to go out and trick or treat tonight but I can't do that to Brennan so we'll be dressing up shortly and heading out. Speaking of which, TTing starts in 15 minutes here and my kids aren't ready. Gotta run. Be back later with pictures. :)

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