Saturday, November 3, 2007

My Baby Is Now A Big Boy!!!!

So, after much research, much debate, and consultation with friends and car seat technicians, we made a decision about taking Jaxon out of his infant carrier. We finally settled on the Cosco Scenera 5-point harness convertible car seat. I called Ian and asked him to stop and pick it up. It's very safe and sooooo reasonable. So Ian went and got it and brought it home. We wanted to try it out so Ian fixed the straps and we put him in it. He instantly looked soooo much older. We'll be putting it in the car tomorrow. Here are some pictures of him trying it out....

It's so sad. He doesn't even look like the same baby! He looks grown up. I know he needed a new car seat but it kills me that he's not in his infant seat anymore. Another milestone hit. He was so excited about his new big boy seat. I was too until we sat him in it. Then I wanted my baby back! He's so freakin' cute! But of course I'm biased. And one more thing before I sign off, for those of you that are super pro- car seat, we will be rear facing for a little while longer at least. It goes up to 35 lbs rear facing so we have a while to decide about switching him to forward facing. It wont be this month that's for sure! Here's to a safe affordable convertible car seat! Love it!!!

Just for fun here's the first time he was ever in his infant seat! Can you see a difference?

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