Saturday, November 10, 2007

Overwhelming Projects!

So this evening my husband, Ian, took Brennan (my 6 year old) to his first ever hockey game. Jaxon is sound asleep in his crib. And instead of resting peacefully, catching up on some television shows that have been taped for a week or two, what is Mommy doing? Well she started dusting the living room. Which led to moving the bookshelf out of the living room and into the bedroom. Which led to moving the bedroom furniture to make room for it. And of course if you move furniture you have to vacuum and sweep. So that led to reorganizing my file cabinet and my plastic three drawer thingy (I don't know what they are called.) Then I needed something to put all the construction paper and crayons in and remembered there was a plastic bin just right in the storage closet in the hall. So that's right you guessed it, I dragged everything out of the closet to find it. Now I have a dusted living room full of books, and a hallway and kitchen that is now filled with junk! My room is going to be dusted shortly so I can put all of the books away before I go to bed. I can't let Jaxon play in the living room with books everywhere. And of course in order to get into my bedroom I have clean up the mess that is the closet. And I am sitting here at the computer praying that if I just close my eyes real tight and reopen them slowly everything will be put away nice and neat and I can rest! So here we go...

Closing eyes real tight!

Now reopening them real slowly!

Crap! It didn't work! Oh well if anyone needs me I'll be in the mountain of stuff in the hallway. If no one hears from me for a few hours please call my husband and tell him to rescue me. Just tell him the storage closet ate me for dinner!


Sarah said...

haha! that's what you get! trying to dust...what are you? some sort of house wife? lol!

Klin said...

That usually happens to me too. It sure looks good afterwards, until the kids come home from somewhere. :P