Monday, November 19, 2007

Ugh.... Mondays!!!

This weekend my wonderful 14 month old, Jaxon, learned to give Mommy kisses. The only place he'll give kisses is on the mouth. I'm not exactly sure why but I was excited that he wanted to give me kisses so I just went with it! Unfortunately that's not all Jaxon gave Mommy this weekend. Those wonderful kisses came with a not so wonderful cold! That's right! Runny and stuffy nose depending on the minute, congestion and a sore throat and cough. So I cleaned my house this weekend and didn't do much else. Especially since I didn't feel good at all.

Yesterday all I did was be a bum, watch tv with my kiddos, supervised Brennan making banana pudding for the first time ever (pictures to follow shortly) and played a couple games of sorry with him that I did not win! Brennan was pretty proud of these victories. So last night while waiting for my darling husband to get off work I made my babies a delicious meal of chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, and peas and carrots! Not too bad I thought to myself! I was playing canasta online with my cousin Krystal and she told me that she was having croissants. This of course made me want some! So half way through my babies meal I made croissants. Brennan ADORES croissants.... So I told him that after he ate all of his dinner he would be able to have one. Now I may be the only mommy here who feels like I shouldn't have to supervise my 6 year old eating dinner every single night. Yes we have family meals but last night was casual since Ian was at work! Brennan came and told me that he ate all his dinner and could he please have a croissant. Well of course I gave him two! He ate all his dinner including his vegetables (his plate was in the sink and it was clean!) so I was happy to oblige. So a little while later Jaxon finishes eating and he is just a mess. Complete mess. He only had a diaper on since he has a yeast infection and Mommy has been giving him nakie baby time so his little bottom will heal. So before dinner I put a diaper on him so that he wouldn't potty in his high chair. But that's another story. Anyway so he's a mess and I need to put him in the tub. So I go into the bathroom to run his bath water and what do I see???? Oh yes you guessed it. There in and all around the bathroom trash can was my 6 year olds dinner. Angry was not even the word for what I was. I started the bath water and I walked into the living room and as calmly as I could told Brennan to go clean his room and brush his teeth. He said why? I said because you lied to mommy and since I'm too angry to spank you right now, you are going to get ready for bed and you will be going to bed right after your bath! He was not happy about this and it was only 6:30 but seriously I was just ready to box him up and send him to my moms! (Not really but you know!) And he did just that, went to bed at 6:50 last night.

So after Jaxon played for a while in the bath and I got him all dressed and ready for bed, I tucked him in also. Ian came home and I made the two of us pork chop salad for dinner. YUM!

Apparently Jaxon woke up at 4:00 am this morning, screaming. I was so exhausted I didn't hear him like I usually do. Ian did and got up with him. Now typically I get up with him whenever he wakes up in the middle of the night, change him, give him a sip of water, and tuck his bum back in bed. Ian however did not do this. Ian got up with him and stayed up. So at 6:30 I had a little baby boy playing with things on my night stand since Ian was getting ready to go to PT. I get up and put him back to bed. He shouldn't have been allowed up and playing at that hour anyway! I walk back into the bedroom and Ian fusses at me for putting him back in bed. He says just get up with him! No I'm sorry I don't think so. So I went back to sleep. At 7 Brennan came in and woke me up. I told him to go watch cartoons. I went back to sleep. He woke me up again at 7:30 and I figured sleep for the sick mommy just wasn't gonna happen. So I got up and made his lunch, packed his book bag and made breakfast for Jaxon. It wasn't even close to time for him to go to school. UGH!!!!

Anyway so he eventually goes to school and I put Jaxon in his crib so I could shower. I had my appointment for my cystoscopy today. NOT FUN!!! I was nervous about it. Rachiell, on of my nearest and dearest, when with me and held my hand. After the procedure, we went into the office and discussed what was going to happen. The verdict is that I will have to something called a SPARK done. Now these letters stand for some seriously big words but basically I'm having surgery on my bladder.... in the next two weeks. The best part is that it will be an outpatient surgery and that it will take about 6 weeks to fully heal. During this time I'm not allowed to do any kind of exerting activities nor pick up anything heavy! UM hello I have a 14 month old and a husband with a job and a part time job, and NO family here in Utah. Not to mention my house will need to be cleaned cause I can't stand a dirty house and Brennan has school and other stuff going on.

So after that ordeal in the doctors office, Rachiell and I got Jaxon and went out to Mimi's Cafe for lunch! I LOVE this place. It's sooo yummy. It's so like a french cafe and it's soo cute. I was going to take a picture of it but I had my hands full so I will do it next time we go there.

I came home and gave J a nap and balanced my check book and paid my bills. Then it was time for me to pick up Brennan from school. So I get in the car and drive to the stupid car rider line. Now here's the thing. The school is not on the base but it backs up to the base. And there is a paved lot behind the school on the base that a guard mans during the times school lets in and out. Last year we were able to park in the middle of this lot and the people who just waited in their cars for their kids did so around the parking lot circle. This year they changed it. Now it is 3 lanes and you are not allowed to park in the circle. You drive into the lanes and park until school gets out. Rules are the kids go to the only opening in the gate and wait with a teacher until their car gets there. Parents are not allowed to get out of their cars. The last few weeks though have been crazy. Parents pull into the car rider line and park. They are in the middle of the circle somewhere and park their car and get out. The walk all the way to the front of the line where the kids are waiting get their kid and walk back to their cars. During this time the front of the line has left the circle and can you guess what happens??? Yep that's right! The line is backed up waiting for whoever to get their kid in the car, buckled up, and get back into the car themselves and pull away! I was quite frustrated today as the kids brought their fundraising stuff home today and my poor baby was carrying this huge box and standing in at that gate for 20 minutes while about 3 or 4 cars did this. Of course I couldn't break the rules and get out of my car and help him since I had Jaxon in the car and that would have just caused it to back up even more. So finally I'm sitting behind this last car that I watched her get out of her car as the people in front of her drove away. There was NO ONE in front of her yet she still got out and walked over to the kids. I'm like I'm going around. So I pull into the third lane and I stop dead in front of the gate where the kids are. I sit there and this teacher and Brennan walk up to the car. He tried to put my 6 year old in the FRONT seat. So I said no he has to get in the back in his booster seat. He cops an attitude with me and says as rude as he can be. Next time don't park in the third lane. It's for passing only! I was furious!!! I did not put my car in park, I did not turn the ignition off, I did not unbuckle my seat belt and get out.... but this jerk actually had the NERVE to be rude to me when all of these other parents were clearly and blatantly breaking the rules. So I get home and I immediately call the school and leave a voice mail for the principal. When Principal B called me back I told him how very unhappy I was with the situation and that there was NO reason for the ugliness that the teacher gave me. And that if they were going to have these rules then they needed to enforce them for ALL parents and the safety of the children not just be rude to one! He said he'd handle it. I expect that there will be some more security forces in the circle tomorrow as he said he was going to call the commander and ask that they have more there to enforce these rules they have set up. Personally it's a crock and I liked the way they had it last year. It wasn't so much chaos.

Anyway, my rant is over. Jaxon is screaming so I better go get him.

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Nancy Brown said...

I hate stupid people more than you know. I am sorry life is so stressful. I hope that you recover quick. We have put my surgery off.... Till I go SO nuts..