Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Hi Everyone. Just wanted to drop a really quick update and let you all know that I'm doing ok. My surgery went very well for my prolapsed bladder. I am very sore and I'm unable to do anything other than sit or lie down right now. I hope you all are doing well. I will be back soon! :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Monday, December 3, 2007


Hi everyone! I swear things have just been crazy busy since I last posted. There was thanksgiving stuff to do, and I of course hosted that. It was such a great day. Lots of friends who are like family and a ton of good food. YUM! Thinking about it makes me want to eat all over again! LOL. Anyway, I've also been volunteering at the school for the PTA. Helping out where I can. Brennan got all A's on his report card. Talk about a proud mommy!!!!! That's me! Also, trying to get everything squared away before I have my surgery. I should hear back on that today. Jaxon's PT and OT are going very well. We are working on walking. He's walking with his walking toy now and it's sooo fun to watch. I'm waiting patiently for him to take those first few steps by himself. He's talking so much lately. I can actually understand real words here and there. It's so fun! My boys are just the light of my life and they keep me busy and amazed every single day.

My mother in law, Sue, came down Wednesday night from Michigan. We had a blast shopping and hanging out. She brought me this beautiful necklace that is all one piece, has a mom, dad and two kids holding hands in heart formation. It's incredible. When I am able I will take a picture to show it off. We had this crazy snow storm that started on Friday and it's beautiful here but sooo cold. We went up to Heber city and rode the polar express. OMG talk about fun! It was such a great experience. We rode on the Heber Creeper, this super old steam engine. It was all decked out for Christmas. We had the conductor, the chef's, the elfs, and of course the guy who was on top of the train in the book. It was so much fun. We had hot chocolate and cookies and sang Christmas carol's, read the polar express book, heard the elf's tell jokes, and had a visit from Santa himself. He gave out sleigh bells for those who believed. Mrs. Claus came to visit also. She passed out her cookie recipe's. We took that train all the way to the North Pole and back! It was a blast. My kids had so much fun. To top it off it was snowing so hard that night and it just made it that much more magical. I have pictures but I can't download them to my computer because they were taken on my MIL's camera as mine is broken (heartbroken about this too!!) So hopefully I will be able to do that today so I can share.

I better go. My MIL left this morning and I have to clean up some and head out to buy my husbands christmas present while it's on sale. Just wanted to let everyone know we are doing ok, just been busy. :)