Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Kindness of Strangers

It's Christmas eve and I'm sitting on my couch in tears. Not because I'm sad but because I'm overwhelmed with the kindness of someone who apparently wants to be anonymous. I was in the hallway doing laundry a few minutes ago when my door bell rang. I told Brennan to not open the door because the dogs would get out. But Brennan looked out the window and said Mom Santa came. I'm like what? He said there are presents outside. I'm thinking that he's joking around or something. But no he isn't joking. Because I go to the door and outside where two huge christmas bags and a wrapped present. The red bag says for her and has a card and the green bag says for him and the present doesn't have a name on it. I take the card out to see who this generous gift is from and on the inside it says To the Carpenter Family, many blessings. Merry Christmas. And there was a walmart gift card inside for $75. I burst into tears because I'm just in awe of such an amazing gesture. I don't know who it's from or why they gave it to us but I am grateful all the same. I just feel blessed and wish I knew who to thank. But I know God knows who and why and I'm certain that He will bless this generous Santa. And I know that I will definitely be paying it forward. It's incredible how something can change you and your perspective so quickly. Merry Christmas to all. Love and Hugs, Denise

Monday, December 22, 2008

New to Visiting Our Blog?

Hi Guys! Just wanted to take a quick moment and say thanks for stopping by our blog. Hopefully this will make our family and friends feel a little closer to us. Just wanted to let everyone know that we have a comment card attached to each post. So if you check in on us and want to say hi please leave us a comment so we know you visited and we can continue to keep you updated. Thanks! Can't wait to hear from you.

Nerve Study

Ok so I don't know if any of you have any idea what a nerve study is but let me tell it's painful. And if someone tells you it isn't let me just clue you in ~ they lied. See I saw my Rhuemetologist last week and we discussed the numbness in my forarms and hands getting worse from the fibro. Well I had to go to the nerve specialist this morning for this nerve study. Basically a nerve study is where they hook you up to electrodes and shock your nerves. Then when they are done with that pleasantness they begin to poke needles in your hands, arms, and neck. I was told this would feel like accupuncture. However accupuncture does not dig into your nerves. This test however sticks a needle in, finds the nerve, and then proceeds to jiggle it to see how the nerve reacts. They stuck me 7 times per arm and about 10 times in my neck. I'm sore to say the least. I asked him if I was going to be sore all day and he said yes you are going to feel like you are bruised all up and down your arms and neck. But to make sure I'm using my arms and moving them so they don't get stiff. Well duh! So Ian and Brennan are going to get new sleds (thanks to Grandma Sue) and then we are all heading out to the sledding hill. I'm not sure I'll be doing any sledding but I'll definitely be taking pictures. So check back maybe there will be some new ones up soon.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sledding- 12/20/08

So I had to work yesterday morning but Ian was off and decided to take the boys sledding since we have gotten a lot of snow over the last week. I was a little nervous about Jaxon going as the only time he's been close to a sled is when he was in my tummy! But I sucked it up and went to work and Ian bundled the boys up in their snow gear and out they went. We have this hill on base here that is pretty big and it's a perfect spot for sledding. This year the snow plows have been filling dump trucks and then dumping them next to the hill and this huge snow blower blows it over and down the hill which keeps the hill nice and sleddable. :) So I wanted to share some pictures of the boys sledding especially since it's J's first time and a video of him doing it all by himself!

Brennan getting ready to go down
Jaxon watching in anticipation
Brennan made it to the bottom

Carrying the sled back up the hill

This was taken after the video clip. It's pretty funny! First clip is Brennan

Second clip is Jaxon

Christmas Time~ Layton City Lights

I can't believe it Christmas is here. The year is almost over. It has been a crazy year and I'm glad to see it go! Anyway, Layton city does a free lights hay ride and hot cocoa and this year we went. It was so much fun. We went with Chanra, Luke, and Lana. We got to look at the lights, drink hot cocoa, eat cookies, sing carols, and see Santa. Me and the boys on the hay ride through the park!
Chanra, Luke and Lana on the hayride

Me and the boys near the christmas tree

Brennan and Santa

Jaxon and Santa.... telling him all about what he wants for christmas

Monday, November 3, 2008


Ok so right now I'm sitting at my computer completely and totally amazed by my huge accomplishment! I have ONE MORE NIGHT of class and I'm done with school. I'm graduating. I can't believe it. It's been a long few months and I have worked hard for my 4.0 and to learn everything I can possibly learn. I feel so amazing right now. No one can take this away from me. I take my xray certification exam tomorrow night, have a party with my class, and clean out my dental bin and I am done. Monday I start bright and early in a dental office. I'm so excited and nervous and simply amazed. I never would have been able to do this without the strength of the Lord. I couldn't have made it through. It has been tough being a mom and wife, pta vice president, key spouse, and babysitter, friend, daughter all at the same time but OMG I did it. Everyone thought I wouldn't make it. My mother in law said to me last night on the phone, " I have to tell you I didn't think you were gonna do it because I couldn't imagine you putting your hands in someones mouth." Well HA HA the jokes on all of you because I did it and not only did I do it I ROCKED at it. :) I'm so excited and so happy and just simply amazed. Thanks to all who did support me and prayed for me and my family and never gave up on me. Well I better run. I have to go study for my xray cert. I'm going to kick butt on this exam. I am determined. :) I'll let you know how it goes!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rough day

Today we had some problems with my son and I was just devastated not knowing what to do about it. I had basically been reduced to a puddle of mush and cried nonstop. I'm pretty certain I overreacted as I packed every item in Brennan's room up and put it all in the storage closet. He has NOTHING left in his room except his bed, dresser, and his bible. I'm not sure how long I plan to keep it like that but I had no idea what else to do. I just feel so out of control where it comes to him these days and I felt like maybe if there was nothing left for him to be distracted by we'd finally get somewhere.
About 2 hours after I finished packing Brennan's room I got a call from my mom. I didn't answer it because I was still reeling from the situation and wasn't ready to talk about it. But after I didn't answer my house phone my cell started ringing and after the second time calling my cell I answered it and it was my brother. All he said was that we had a problem. My heart stopped because my brother rarely calls me. He lives with my mom and I was terrified that I was getting bad news. And yep that's exactly what it was. BAD NEWS. My nephew had been hit by a car. Not just hit by a car while riding his scooter in front of his house but hit and dragged down the road because the teenager that hit him had no idea he'd hit a 6 year old boy. Needless to say my brother in law hit the kid and ended up in jail to make matters worse. Jopey is ok, he's covered head to toe in road rash but there's not broken bones and THANK GOD he was wearing a helmet because he might not have survived otherwise. So after the phone call I was completely useless because it makes it that much harder to live 2000 miles away from my family. So I had to wait for news from someone there to know what was going on and if he was ok. So as you can guess the awful panic attack monster reared it's ugly head. I was a wreck, I can't imagine what my sister was going through. I missed class tonight and I hope that I'll be able to make up the work, since we were testing tonight. But there was NO way I was going to be able to concentrate on tests tonight when I could barely function. Thank God for amazing friends who have become family and were there to help in any way they could tonight. Amazing how God puts people in your life that understand and help you get through when you need it most.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday Tiip Jar

My Tuesday tip is to use shaving cream to clean your bathroom mirrors. It not only cleans them really well it also keeps them from fogging up while you are showering. :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Do you ever wonder....

What your life would be like if you hadn't made some of the choices you made? I've had several of those moments. You know the ones, the fork in the road moments. And for the most part you take the one that will take you where you think you want to go. And once in a while you realize that maybe you didn't want to go there after all. I mean who wants to end up down a road with pot holes the size of the grand canyon and nails and debris. Yet somehow there is that day that you realize you've come out of that canyon on the other side and you find an ocean or field full of flowers and realize you may not have known where you were going nor did you want to go the way you got there but you wouldn't trade it for the world.
I've been having a few of those days lately. I've had such a hard time with life in general. I get so overwhelmed and I think why am I here? Why did I do this? Why did I move here? What made me think I could have two children? What made me think that I could be happily married? Or get out of debt, or have a best friend who is ALWAYS there for me no matter what, or even why did I think I could go back to school? Some days I think I'm superwoman and can do anything and most days do it better than someone else... but yet those other days have been more and more lately. The feelings of I'm not good enough, I'm not going to make it, I should give up. And that's when the anxiety comes in and I find myself in a pool of tears and almost a whole box of cookies and praying that someone will just take over for me even for a little while. But I'm praying and I'm holding on to the faith that this is God's plan for me. Even the anxiety and frustration is part of his plan. It's hard to let go of control and just trust, especially trust what you can't see. That's so hard for me. But I'm trying and I'm getting out of bed every day and I'm taking care of my kids, and my house (for the most part) and going to school and still keeping that 4.0 and I realize at this moment, I'm exactly where God wants me. I might be in that giant pot hole right now but pretty soon I know He is going to pull me out and there on the other side it's going to be amazing. I don't know what that holds or when that's going to happen, but I know it's going to. Maybe that's what God's waiting for. Maybe He is waiting for me to realize that all I need to get out of that hole is Him and he will take care of the rest. Some days it takes that faith... And faith is believing even when you can't see what you believe in. :)
Psalm 27:14 "Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord."
This scripture couldn't be a better one for me today. :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

First Snow of the Season

So today we woke up to a world of white for the first time this fall/winter. Now if you followed my blog in the last few years you know that last year Jaxon wanted NOTHING to do with the snow. However this year I was curious as to what was going to happen. Sure it's cold and wet but Jaxon LOVES being outside. Actually he walks around the house all day long saying, outside, outside, outside. So we bundled the kids up and we took them outside to play in the snow. Which by the way is still falling heavily as I type. So here are a few pictures of this years first snow play... getting ready to go out

4 wheeling through the snow
Brennan stopped throwing snowballs for me to get a picture of him
Ian getting pelted by snowballs from Brennan and his friend
Jaxon loves being outside but he's not sure about the snow
Ian getting Brennan back and Jaxon laughing
Uh oh Ian got Kris and is now chasing Brennan through the snow
Me and the boys
Jaxon and his girlfriend Lizzy
Jaxon has decided he likes it!
So I feel like I'm going to have to get over my hate of the cold because my boys are going to want to be outside a lot this winter. Keep your fingers crossed that I don't turn into a popsicle.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Some days you just have to rest....

Things have been so busy this last year that I haven't had time to breathe let alone blog. Today I planned on my day off from school and babysitting and all that I seem to do lately to clean my house and catch up on my shows, and internet time along with playing with the kids outside. Well, Jaxon and I made it outside for about 2 hours and I managed to do a load of laundry, dishes, and make my bed... then I got the worst migraine I have had in months. It was full on, head pounding, light blinding, noise peircing migraine. I even went to the door at one point to answer it and found myself so dizzy that I came pretty close to passing out. So for the last 5 hours I pretty much layed on the couch and tried not to move.
I finally feel somewhat better and decided to check my email and thought might as well check the blogs I follow too. I'm wiped out and as soon as I finish this blog I'm going to crawl in bed and try to get a good 8 hours of sleep. Tomorrow is two of my friends kids birthday party (they are having it together) plus it is supposed to be our first snowfall. I'm not really looking forward to it, the snow not the birthday party. I'm all for cake and ice cream and my kids being able to play with their best friends. I am just so not looking forward to winter. I makes me want to run away and cover up and not leave my house. However with 2 boys that will tear down my walls if I dont let them outside that is not going to happen. So we will be spending lots of time outside even in the cold and snow. Someone please send us warm thoughts so I don't become a popcicle this year.
So I have 3 weeks left of school. November 4th is my last day of classes. Then I have my externship that starts on the 10th of November. Then on the 21st of November I take my AMT. I'm so nervous about the end of school. I was told several times that there was no way I was going to finish and yet here I am 3 weeks away and to top it off I have a 4.0. It hasn't been easy and I've had to learn to let a lot of things go this year but I've made it. Although I have to say radiology is kicking my butt right now but it's sooo worth it. I love this field and I never thought I would. Yes, people think it's gross to be working in someone else's mouth and I thought that too but now I can't wait to get out there and help people who are in pain and to help keep their smiles healthy. I really owe this all to my friend Leanne. She is the one who got me interested in the dental field. She was going to school when I started and she has just been an inspiration. She loves it. And now I can see why. I just can't wait to go to work doing something I love.
However that brings up another hard thing for me... to leave behind being a stay at home mom. I LOVE being a stay at home mom and I love my kids so much. It will be hard to not be home with them everyday. I want to work part time, that way I can still be home with them as much as possible. So we will see how it goes. Keep your fingers crossed for me and say a prayer for all of us as we make a new transition with our family. It's a big step for all of us.
Anyway, I'm going to head to my comfy bed now! I'll post some new pictures hopefully tomorrow. I have so many new ones! :) goodnight all!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Panic Attacks

You know I've dealt with depression and other issues of depression all my life, including panic attacks. However, there was always a reason for them... some sort of trigger that I knew of. Lately things have been going okay, not terrible, not great but okay. We are just moving right along and Boom!!! Out of nowhere these awful panic attacks have thrown me to the ground. I'm not having full blown attacks all the time but daily there are times where I can feel my heart beating at break neck speed, and my breath comes faster and I start to shake and come close to tears. And the weird part I HAVE NO IDEA WHY! The last two nights I have had these stupid episodes where I am just paralyzed with anxiety. Last night I was sitting on the couch watching tv when out of nowhere it happened. Tonight I was at school. Just finished giving my presentation for my career prep course when it started again. I think I'm going to be booking my self a doctors appointment in the morning because I can't stand feeling this way. I just don't know how to stop it myself because I don't know why they are happening in the first place. Frustration isn't the word! It's so beyond that. I'm annoyed and scared all at the same time. Something has to be triggering it. Something has to happen to cause this but I'm totally clueless. But what's new right?

Monday, August 25, 2008

We've Come A Long Way Baby!

Today My Brennan started 2nd grade! Yep that's right he's a 2nd grader. I took him to school and I almost cried. He's growing up. I remember when it was just me and him. I hate that he is getting older. I also hate that he's getting so dang tall. I took him to the store yesterday to buy some school jeans because none of the ones he had last year fit him (6 inches too short!) and he went from a 8 to a 10 over the summer. He doesn't need the 10 in the waist it's the freaking length. Soon he's going to be taller than me. Well Anyway I thought I'd be nostalgic today and post his first day of school pictures for the last 4 years.
Preschool 4 yrs old
First Day of Kindergarten 5 yrs old
First Day of First Grade 6 yrs old
First Day of Second Grade 7 yrs old (Today)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

So today is my 28th birthday. I've had a few suprises. My boys have been amazingly good today. My dear friend Brenda made me brownies this morning and my little bible study group sang happy birthday to me. My brother called to tell me happy birthday... that's a shocker right now. I came home and found some beautiful flowers from my mother in law that I LOVE. So why is it I'm so sad? Well I know why and I wish that I could change it. This morning when I woke up all I wanted was for Ian to be excited and tell me Happy Birthday and to make it special in some way. I'm not saying presents or extravagance. I'm just asking for him to pay attention. Instead I got "Oh by the way, happy birthday" I felt like crying right then and there and the entire day has been pretty much the same. Ian didn't call today, he didn't text, there was no cake or presents or even a card. Material things don't matter to me but I'd really like it if he would have shown that he thought about my birthday, about me. We've had a really hard time lately and it's because I feel invisible and unappreciated. This day hasn't helped. I would have been happy if he woke up this morning and immediately held me kissed me and said happy birthday. But instead it took over an hour for him to acknowledge it at all and that was when my 7 year old came up and said happy birthday Mommy. There was no hugs or kisses from Ian. My heart is just downright broken. I appreciate the little things in life and the fact that there wasn't even a little thought from Ian crushes me. Maybe I'm being stupid. I just feel disconnected and broken right now. And you know what he doesn't even care. He asked me if I was sick a little bit ago before he left for work? Really sick?!? Well I better go get ready for school. I guess it really is just another day. I'm not trying to have a pity party. Just trying to get my frustration and hurt out. Thanks for listening if you did.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Wordless Wednesday~~My Brennan

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Who Needs It More? Me or Jaxon?

You see it's time. Well, at least everyone else thinks its time and Mommy here isn't so sure. We are embarking on taking away his binkie. Ian really wants to take it from him and is convinced that it will not be hard. However, he is at work for most of the day. He gets him for 4 hours at night when he comes home from work and I leave for school. I'm not saying he's wrong. And part of me knows that he needs to learn to comfort himself. Last night while I was at school Ian put him to bed without a bink. And lo and behold he did just fine. I don't know whether it's because he'd had such a long day and was just too tired to care or that he really didn't need it. So I went through the house this morning and picked up all the binkies and hid them. Ian asked me to try not to give in and give it to him. I'm really going to give this my all. Today I'm going to lunch and to my friend Sarah's house. I hope we make it through because Mommy is going to be brave and not take a just in case one with us at all. I'm so nervous. I don't want a melt down and that's usually when I tend to give in. So I'm not sure who really needs the bink more, me or Jaxon. But I guess I'm willing to give it up so hopefully he will be too? I know this sounds weird but it's a hard transition. My baby is growing up. I can't believe he will be 2 next month. So if we lose the binkie what's next? What else will be able to do? Can't I freeze time and let him stay 22 months forever? It's just not fair. I'm not ready for him to grow up. I guess that's what it all boils down to. Wish me luck. With this transition and my 28th birthday next week Mommy maybe having a nervous breakdown. LOL

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Life Is A Crazy Adventure....

Do you ever feel like sometimes life gets in the way of your plans? I sure do all the time. That's why no one has heard from me since April. It's not that I didn't want to blog it's just that I've been so crazy busy. I so need to learn to say NO to people. So in the past few months, I've been going to school (only 4 months left to go) I switched to night classes so it's taking longer, babysitting, key spouse duties, and now I'm co-vice president of the PTA at B's school. We've had some hurdeles a long the way. The friendship that I told you about a while back that I tried to fix fell apart again. Much to my dismay I was betrayed and used once again. I'm too nice for my own good. Ian and I are working things out. We've had some rough spots this year. If you pray please pray for us. We definitely need it. I miss blogging and there is no way to tell you everything that happened since I last posted. But I see my neighbor making her way over here now because I'm babysitting her kiddos. So I better run. More later!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wordless Wednesday- Best Friend or Pillow?

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Took A Little Detour....

In the past few months I've taken a detour. Life got very interesting and pretty scary for a while. But things have finally smoothed out. I have finally gotten through my first semester at school and I have a 4.0!!!! I'm so freaking excited about that. Jaxon has been getting better but he's still had a lot of sick in between. Brennan is becoming a very independent boy. One that I want to hug and shelter half the time and beat the other half. Not really but he is definitely pushing his boundaries. Ian decided to give him a little freedom to ride his bike around the block once in a while. He's no longer allowed to do that. He told me he was going around the block and I couldn't find him for an hour. He was at the park a couple streets away. Angry was NOT the word for it. But he got several priviledges taken away and is still walking a find line. Ian is working like crazy. And now he's the Drug Demand Reduction guy which means he helps with random drug tests on base. Fun stuff.

We found out that his cousin has brain cancer this week. It's pretty sad. He's doing ok but he's taking the boys to Michigan in May... I can't go because I can't miss school. But I am going to see Stomp in June while I'm all by my lonesome!

Today marks the end of another extremely destructive friendship. I'm very proud of myself for letting this one go. I didn't let it get the point that I was stressing and pulling my hair out. I simply packed up her stuff and dropped it off and said goodbye. (She stayed with us for a while.) It's sad and yes it hurts but I can't be a punching bag when stuff goes bad in her life. So I'm moving on. I'm at peace with my decision.

Instead I'm focusing on my good friendships. I'm reading this book called Grown Up Girlfriends and it's basically how to have real Godly friendships and knowing when to let destructive ones go and avoiding them all together. It's very impressive and it's bibacly based.

I've also been reading the rest of the Baxter series. There are three different series on this family Redemption, Firstborn, and Sunrise. By Karen Kingsbury. They are amazing amazing books. I'm reading the 3rd book in the Sunrise series. Life changing.... Check it out!

Well I've got to go study. Tomorrow we are going into the lab and do local anesthetics and I need to make sure I'm ready!!!
Have a fabulous day!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We Are Home....

Jaxon is doing sooo much better. I don't know what happened but after he stopped breathing he turned a corner. His sats are back up where it's acceptable and he's eating and drinking again, his color is back to normal and he's playing again. It's so nice to have my sweet curious boy back. He is still sick and still has RSV but they think he's going to get better from here on out. He had another ear infection during all of this too. The good news is that the tubes did their jobs and the puss is draining. We are treating it with antibiotic ear drops instead of oral antibiotics. Hopefully we will stay on the up slope and continue to get well. I am ready for spring so maybe my poor little guy can get healthy and stay that way for a while. Well he's getting into stuff again so I better go. :) Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes. They mean a lot to me.

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Day From Hell

so it's 12:41 am and I'm praying that I will be able to lay down and sleep after the day I've had. At this moment, my husband and my baby Jaxon are at Primary Childrens in the Infant Unit. My son, Brennan and Steff's son are at my dear friend Leanne's for the night and Steff and I just got back to my house. You see Jaxon was diagnosed on Sunday with RSV at McKayDee hospital. Today after a very long and stressful day of trying to find the best treatment for Jaxon Steff and I were on our way to Primary Children's with Jaxon. She was sitting in the back seat watching him breathe making sure that he wasn't having too much trouble. I was driving. She said to me to watch the mile markers for her. I didn't think anything of it. The next thing I knew she said I needed to pull over. Then quickly she said that I needed to dial 911. I pulled over to the side of the road and threw my car into park... I hadn't even stopped yet. I tried to dial 911 but I somehow hit the wrong buttons and called someone else. I was shaking so bad. You see Jaxon had stopped breathing and my dear friend Stephanie was giving my precious boy CPR in the back seat of my car. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't even talk tot he operator. Steff took it from me and talked with her. A few minutes later she had him breathing again and the paramedics had arrived. They put me and Jaxon into the ambulance and rushed us to Primary. The funny thing is Jaxon started doing so much better after that. They admitted him because of his apnea episode. Ian very sternly convinced me that I needed to come home and get some rest because I hadn't slept in days and that I would be no good if J's hospital stay lasts longer than a day. He is currently sleeping in a double room on a too small bed, in his pepboys uniform. Thank GOD for the amazing people for my life. My best friend who saved my baby's life, My husband who got the scariest phone call of his life today and still made it to take care of me and my son... and friends like Leanne for making sure I didn't have to worry about my oldest in the midst of all this mess and for Nathan, Steff's boyfriend, who came to the hospital just to make sure we didn't need anything and to make sure that we were ok. I can't thank the Lord enough for having his hand in all of it. Please say a prayer for my baby that this was a one time episode and that he will be on the uphill on his way to getting better. I will update as soon as I can. Thanks!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm A Slacker! I Admit It!

Well blogwise anyway! LOL Yes I've been MIA off and on and it's not because I don't truly enjoy my blog world or my bloggy friends I just truly have a hard time breaking away from real life lately to blog about it. Crazy I know! But since I know you are dying to know what's been keeping me from telling you all about my excitement lately, I'll update you! :)

First as you all know I recently parted ways with two friends. This was very hard for me and I've been struggling with it. But I know that it's the best thing. I read today that sometimes you have to have the "props" knocked out from under you so that you learn to lean on God. Boy has that been a true statement for me.

Second my mom came and we had a great visit. She even went with me to get Jaxon's very first hair cut. He was such a big boy! Sat there and got all his little curls cut off. It was so hard for me because those curls are the only thing that survived the NICU. But he can't keep those curls forever and it was driving me insane that his hair was hanging over his ears. So here is some pictures from his big boy hair cut! :)

Next I said goodbye to one of my dearest friends, Kim. They PCS'd from Hill and are headed overseas. This was so hard for me. They lived right across the street from me so it definitely still gets me when I look across the street and there isn't anyone over there. Well, any of Kim's family anyway. I got to watch Baby Joey for a little while right before they left and him and Jaxon had a very good time being silly boys together. :) Here's some cute pics from that day!
Ian and I managed one night out together. We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and then we met Ian's friends at Bogeys. We had a good time. Here's the only shot of me and Ian that night. It was pretty silly looking but what can I say that's us!

Then I think it was the next morning Jaxon woke up and began to throw up. He couldn't stop. Then he just got very sleepy and wouldn't do anything but lay there. He was also running a fever. So I took him into Primary Childrens and they admitted us overnight to the RTU (Rapid Treatment Unit) because he was dehydrated and wasn't perking up with his IV fluids. I was completely exhausted but the good news was that the next day, after lots of IV fluids and the throwing up finally stopping, he was much better and we were able to go home.
So we came home on Sunday. Tuesday was Brennan's 7th Birthday and Jaxon's appointment with the ENT. So we got up and took J to the ENT and they scheduled him for tubes on Wednesday. (Yes the NEXT day!) So after the ENT I had some other errands to run. Then I grabbed some cupcakes from the store to take to Brennan's class. I went home and fought with Tricare most of the afternoon to make sure they would cover the surgery. UGH it was literally a struggle. Finally that afternoon I got the answers I needed and so I got to enjoy the rest of Brennan's birthday. We made taco's for dinner and had mini ice cream cups for dessert!
The next morning we took Jaxon to the surgery center for his tubes. It went very well and only took like 15 minutes. He wasn't too happy when he woke up though. But I'm hoping that there won't be anymore ear infections.

So we made it through those obstacles and we got to have fun at Classic Fun Center on Saturday for Brennan's birthday party. We all got to skate, bounce, eat cake! Lots of fun!
Me skating with Jaxon in his stroller!
Brennan blowing out his birthday candles on his transformer cake!
He got a ton of new toys, transformers and power rangers seemed to be the theme!
Brennan and Mommy
Jaxon was wiped out from the party!
Well there has been other stuff going on but those are the most important high lights. I have orientation on the 29th for school and I start March 3rd. Wish me luck! I'm so nervous about going back to school. Hugs, Denise

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Please Pray for Jaxon

Hey guys. just wanted to let you all know that Jaxon has been admitted to Primary Childrens hospital. He's been very sick for the last month with one thing or another so today he woke up and puked and didn't stop. We came to the hospital and they said that he is dehydrated and can't keep fluids down. He is on an IV and antibiotics. We should *only* be here for the night. Thats if he's doing better tomorrow. And poor Brennan is having flash backs from the last hospital stay J had. I am so tired. I just want my angel to be healthy for once! Anyway I better run and get back downstairs. Ian needs to go home and be with Brennan. He's in the room with J so that I could eat dinner and have a few minutes to myself since we have been here all day already. I will keep you updated. Hugs, Denise

Friday, February 8, 2008


Yes, you read that right! I am going to be going back to school. I just enrolled today at CCI for the Dental Assisting program! I have to go back on Tuesday for my financial aid paperwork but I am SO excited!!!! My friend Leanne already goes there and she is bouncing off the walls about me joining her. I'm so excited. I start March 24th! Can you believe it???? A little over a month! WOW! Ok off to celebrate with Stephanie at Starbucks!!! Later!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008