Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Jaxon's First Snow Play~ Not So Wordless Wednesday

So if you live in Utah then you know that as I type we are getting pounded with snow. Usually when it snows here it snows one day and then within a few days it starts to melt. This year we have had many days of snow one on top of the other. It's caused quite a buildup in my yard. I'm from South Carolina and if you live there you know that it hardly ever snows and if it does it's a light mist and that's it. So this is the first major snow I've ever seen. It's causing me a little worry but I'm sure we'll be fine. The rest of you probably think this is nothing! LOL Anyway so I decided to take Jaxon out into the snow a few days ago to see what he thought. It was very interesting. :)

Here is Jaxon in his snow suit for the very first time!

Putting his coat on! He's so not sure about this!

All ready to go! I think!

Jaxon in Brennan's inflatable disc for sledding... No he wasn't sledding he was in our front yard! Photo Op you know?

Here is Jaxon in the actual snow. As you can see he did not like it so much! It was um cold I think! He's definitely my child. I'm not a huge fan of snow either!

This is my snow baby! Brennan LOVES snow!
This is the best picture I got that day. Jaxon just didn't like it. But he calmed down when Bubba held him. These boys are the reason my world goes round. :) So that is Jaxon's first time playing in the snow. Living in Utah this wont be the last. Maybe he'll like it better next time! A girl can hope!


Be Inspired Always said...

Wonderful pictures. I love the last one. You could make that one into a christmas card.

Happy WW.


Nissa said...

I think snow would be so much more fun if it wasn't so cold! :) Great pics of your cutiepies!
Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Rebecca said...

So much fun!

Our House said...

See, now the boys have to play in the snow together. We got close to a foot here...

Great pictures! Love the photo op! lol!

Sarah said...

haha! oops! wrong account! sorry!

Jendi said...

I think that Jaxon will like it better when he's a little older. Though if he takes after you, maybe not. ;)
You did get some great shots even if the little guy is crying. My favorite is Brennan with his thumbs up.

Mommy said...

Wonderful pictures! We live in a warmer climate and it doesn't snow very often either. :)

We went to Michigan for Christmas, and my children had an opportunity to play in the snow too.

My tiny boy (who is almost 2) wasn't too crazy about it either. He did like the sledding in my lap though. :)

Thanks for visiting my WW!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Those are great! I thought the baby was sledding and I gasped. I am so glad you clarified!

Me said...

Ohh...great pics! I have never seen snow! It looks like heaps of fun! It's been so hot and humid here, I'd love some cooler weather. :)


Klin said...

I love snow!!! I hope Jaxon takes after Brennen. Heee heee.

Thelma said...

absolutely adorable!