Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Took A Little Detour....

In the past few months I've taken a detour. Life got very interesting and pretty scary for a while. But things have finally smoothed out. I have finally gotten through my first semester at school and I have a 4.0!!!! I'm so freaking excited about that. Jaxon has been getting better but he's still had a lot of sick in between. Brennan is becoming a very independent boy. One that I want to hug and shelter half the time and beat the other half. Not really but he is definitely pushing his boundaries. Ian decided to give him a little freedom to ride his bike around the block once in a while. He's no longer allowed to do that. He told me he was going around the block and I couldn't find him for an hour. He was at the park a couple streets away. Angry was NOT the word for it. But he got several priviledges taken away and is still walking a find line. Ian is working like crazy. And now he's the Drug Demand Reduction guy which means he helps with random drug tests on base. Fun stuff.

We found out that his cousin has brain cancer this week. It's pretty sad. He's doing ok but he's taking the boys to Michigan in May... I can't go because I can't miss school. But I am going to see Stomp in June while I'm all by my lonesome!

Today marks the end of another extremely destructive friendship. I'm very proud of myself for letting this one go. I didn't let it get the point that I was stressing and pulling my hair out. I simply packed up her stuff and dropped it off and said goodbye. (She stayed with us for a while.) It's sad and yes it hurts but I can't be a punching bag when stuff goes bad in her life. So I'm moving on. I'm at peace with my decision.

Instead I'm focusing on my good friendships. I'm reading this book called Grown Up Girlfriends and it's basically how to have real Godly friendships and knowing when to let destructive ones go and avoiding them all together. It's very impressive and it's bibacly based.

I've also been reading the rest of the Baxter series. There are three different series on this family Redemption, Firstborn, and Sunrise. By Karen Kingsbury. They are amazing amazing books. I'm reading the 3rd book in the Sunrise series. Life changing.... Check it out!

Well I've got to go study. Tomorrow we are going into the lab and do local anesthetics and I need to make sure I'm ready!!!
Have a fabulous day!

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Sarah said...

hey man, don't forget, we can keep you plenty busy while the boys are gone. :)