Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Kindness of Strangers

It's Christmas eve and I'm sitting on my couch in tears. Not because I'm sad but because I'm overwhelmed with the kindness of someone who apparently wants to be anonymous. I was in the hallway doing laundry a few minutes ago when my door bell rang. I told Brennan to not open the door because the dogs would get out. But Brennan looked out the window and said Mom Santa came. I'm like what? He said there are presents outside. I'm thinking that he's joking around or something. But no he isn't joking. Because I go to the door and outside where two huge christmas bags and a wrapped present. The red bag says for her and has a card and the green bag says for him and the present doesn't have a name on it. I take the card out to see who this generous gift is from and on the inside it says To the Carpenter Family, many blessings. Merry Christmas. And there was a walmart gift card inside for $75. I burst into tears because I'm just in awe of such an amazing gesture. I don't know who it's from or why they gave it to us but I am grateful all the same. I just feel blessed and wish I knew who to thank. But I know God knows who and why and I'm certain that He will bless this generous Santa. And I know that I will definitely be paying it forward. It's incredible how something can change you and your perspective so quickly. Merry Christmas to all. Love and Hugs, Denise

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