Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sledding- 12/20/08

So I had to work yesterday morning but Ian was off and decided to take the boys sledding since we have gotten a lot of snow over the last week. I was a little nervous about Jaxon going as the only time he's been close to a sled is when he was in my tummy! But I sucked it up and went to work and Ian bundled the boys up in their snow gear and out they went. We have this hill on base here that is pretty big and it's a perfect spot for sledding. This year the snow plows have been filling dump trucks and then dumping them next to the hill and this huge snow blower blows it over and down the hill which keeps the hill nice and sleddable. :) So I wanted to share some pictures of the boys sledding especially since it's J's first time and a video of him doing it all by himself!

Brennan getting ready to go down
Jaxon watching in anticipation
Brennan made it to the bottom

Carrying the sled back up the hill

This was taken after the video clip. It's pretty funny! First clip is Brennan

Second clip is Jaxon

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