Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas 2008

So this Christmas was so exciting. On Christmas Eve, we got the suprise from a Secret Santa! We went to Christmas Eve candelight service at church, and out to dinner afterward. We called and said hi to my family that always gets together every Christmas Eve. We left cookies out for Santa and we put the boys to bed! Shortly after I was exhausted and went to bed myself.
A few days before Christmas, my friend Tracy came into town and brought the kids some presents. A new bionicle for Brennan!
A Leap Frog Fridge Farm for Jaxon.
And we made a family favorite, Puppy Chow, and wrapped it up pretty and delivered it to neighbors and friends!
On Christmas Morning!
Brennan got a skateboard from Santa and Jaxon got a scooter!
Trying em out for the first time!
Uh oh! Daddy got a DS!
Diego Cars!!!
Thanks Aunt Judi and Granny!!! I wanted this so much!!!

Jaxon crawling on top of the Diego Mobile Rescue Unit box to unwrap it!!

A Christmas nap! Unwrapping presents and playing with new toys wear me out!!!

No pictures were taken of me this wonderful Christmas morning, but I got a wonderful gift certificate for a spa day from my hubby!! I can't wait to get to use it!!! Christmas was a lazy, wonderful day at our house full of fun and good food and nice naps! The way every Christmas should be!!!

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