Thursday, January 1, 2009

Playing Outside With The Boys

So I decided to venture outside with the boys yesterday in the cold and play outside. Jaxon LOVES outside and needs to be able to run around and play and get fresh air as often as possible. Mommy could spend a whole month in the house never stepping foot in the cold or snow if I could! So Brennan bundled up and when to a friends house and Jaxon and I bundled up and headed into the front yard! We threw snowballs, snow angels, and tried to build a snowman but Jaxon lost interest. When I brought out the camera to take a picture of us outside he wanted it and when I didn't give it to him he cried. I took the picture anyway!

Finally I gave in and he took this of me!
Telling me he wants to go play somewhere else!

Trying out my scooter outside for the first time!!

And he's off!
He didn't like me putting him up on the snow hill in our yard!
Brennan came home for a few minutes and he didn't mind!
My Boys!
Brennan's snow angel
I don't know why some of these pictures turned out blue but they were still cute!
Brennan and his new sled!
Jaxon's turn with the sled

And then we went in and had hot chocolate and took a nap! What a fun day!

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