Friday, January 2, 2009

Thoughts on this Years New Year Resolutions

So I've been thinking for a while about New Years Resolutions and whether 1) I should make them or 2) what they would be if I did. Every year people make resolutions on NYE and they never keep them. I am definitely on the not keeping end. So I asked myself what would I say if I made them. So here is the list of things I would say if I were making resolutions.
1) Lose Weight
2) Get Organized
3) Save Money
4) Pay Off Bills
5) Give Up Obligations

So I'm not saying that this isn't a good list of things to do. Nor am I saying that some of them might not get done. But I'm tired of being impractical and making big future resolutions that I'll give up on tomorrow. So here is a list of things I'm resolving to do THIS WEEK
1) Pray Daily: My prayer life is not what it should be. I have a long way to go to be a prayer warrior but I'm committed to getting on my knees every day for the next 7 days as a start! Things I am going to pray about include my family, my boys, my husband, my go group, my church family.
2) Start the Study LIES WOMEN BELIEVE AND THE TRUTH THAT SETS THEM FREE! I've already started reading the book but my go group is fixing to start the study. I'm committing to doing my homework and allowing my relationship with God to progress.
3) Finish my last 40 hours of my externship! I'm almost there. By next Friday I will be done!!!
4) Get Brennan back to Awana's next Wednesday! I was in school last year so he couldn't go since he was at the sitters.
5) Do ONE load of laundry a day at least! This includes washing, drying, folding, hanging, and putting away. I have a habit of starting laundry and forgetting about it. Washing all the laundry and not folding it or putting it away. I figure even though Mt. Washmore is still gonna be there having one load done a day, completely done, will help me get into a habit of keeping up on it.
6) Enjoy my kids! I take so little time to really enjoy them because I stay so busy that it's hurting me and them. I'm ready to stop being so busy and just let them show me their world!
7) Encouraging my husband. Last but certainly not least, especially because I've already started this. I started the 30 day challenge from to encourage and edify my husband for 30 days. The challenge is to not say anything negative to or about him and to edify him. I am committed to finishing this challenge. I love my husband and I know I don't always show it. I can be just as hard to live with. He is a wonderful husband, father, provider. I want him to know that!

So those are my "resolutions" for this week. I really want to be able to do these things this week. Maybe I'll update on how I did at the end of the week next week. Maybe I'll make some more after these. But I know I can't stay focused on one thing for longer than a week at a time. I have to see some progress everyday. I'll want to give up on myself. So I'm going to pray that I'm able to do these things this week!


Jill said...


Nice to meet you and thank you for commenting on my blog!

I did the 30 day challenge a few months ago. Keep going it will be a huge blessing to you and your family!

In His amazing grace,

LouAnn said...

I hear the "Lies women believe.." book is really good! Enjoy it (I'm reading through Trusting God even when Life hurts) but that book is on my list to read!
Blessings - LouAnn