Sunday, January 24, 2010

What's in the box?

Today Pastor Roy (at my church WHC) preached on Solomon's journey in Ecclesiastes and his quest for the meaning of life. Essentially saying that eventually we all ask "What is the purpose of life?" He asked us to draw a box at the top of the page and leave it there until the end of the sermon. He went on to say that Solomon tried things such as searching for wisdom, pleasure, and success but realized that those weren't what he was searching for. So essentially the question was this: what are we searching for? What do we think our meaning or purpose is? He went on to say that given being in church the standard answer will probably be Jesus but that isn't what most people truly go after. He went on to give examples of things such as money, sexual pleasure, fame... Saying that those things would be in someone's "box" their meaning or quest for life. I've spent all day thinking about this message and this week God has been tugging at my heart something fierce and I'm still not 100 percent sure what it is He is trying to get me to see but I KNOW that has something to do with this. After I got out of childcare tonight I spent some time talking with my friend Brenda about this. She is a wealth of knowledge and I generally go to her with my questions and things. She simply said to me she couldn't tell me what God was trying to show me but that I needed to ask him to clearly show me what it was. We talked for a while more and she went into evening service and I went home. As I was driving down 89 thinking about our conversation and praying for God to show me, He brought a situation that happened this week to my heart and I said God what is that I am missing? What's in my box? ACCEPTANCE!!! That is what He showed me tonight. I fight so hard for acceptance from so many different sources and the thing is I never feel I TRULY get it. All the negative things about myself play in my head whenever I feel slighted or think about being accepted or in my mind rejected. In my world the two go hand in hand. Two pieces of the same puzzle. Why do I fight for it? Why do I seek it? Why do I never feel good enough or loved enough? I honestly don't have the answer to those questions but I know in my HEAD that I am accepted... that I am good enough... loved... by God. And that is all that matters right? So why can't I get my head and my heart to connect and really ACCEPT God's ACCEPTANCE? I think this is something I'm going to be praying about for a while. Laying it down at the cross daily. Because that's what's in MY box and I'm so tired of MY box!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Trip to Family Fresh Foods

My trip to Family Fresh Foods was A+!   Absolutely fantastic.  I really didn't get to stay as long as I'd like since I had to pick up my son from school but I'm definitely going back there as soon as I can.  It is so clean and the people that work there are so friendly.  Jaxon, my 3 year old, started throwing a fit and the manager came over and talked to him and took him to get an ice cream cone for free!  Jaxon was happy as a clam after that!!  That right there made my day!  I also ran right smack dab into Heather from Savvy Sister Shops!  It took me a minute to realize that I was actually talking to her and meeting someone from my cyber world but it was pretty cool.  She came up and said " I see you are using coupons.  I have a blog..." and handed me her card.  I looked at it and said to her "actually I already read your blog!  That's how I found out about the store to begin with!  So thanks!"  So Heather I hope we "run" into each other again soon! :)

Here's what I got:
10 boxes of Hamburger Helper .88 (price matched from Macey's)  Final Price: FREE
3 Carefree Panty Liners 1.34  Final Price: FREE
2 Jif Peanut Butter 1.97 Final Price: 1.64 ea
1 Smuckers Grape Jelly 2.59
2 Chinet Plates 2.99 Final Price: $.99 ea
2 Kotex panty liners 1.29 Final Price: FREE
1 Fast Fixin Popcorn Poppers 4.99 (it's in the freezer ) Final Price: 2.99
(earlier in the day I ran to Target and grabbed 4 Johnson Buddies .97 each $1/1 had 4 coupons so I got them all FREE!)
So back to FFF!
Total : 32.90
Vendor Coupons Used: $9.19
Double Coupons Courtesy of FFF: $7.90
Total OOP: $12.31

Totally love this store and will definitely be making a trip there again soon.  I didn't get a few things on my list that I had wanted to get today so I may be going tomorrow! :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What do Krispy Kreme and Valentines have in common?

Well, apparently alot!  I just read at Saving with Amy's that Krispy Kreme is offering this hot Valentines Day offer.  Order a dozen donuts and receive 12 FREE Valentines Day Cards!  These aren't just any old Valentines Day cards either, they have a coupon for a FREE donut! 
You can click here to see if your location is participating.  As for Layton, ours is!  :0) Enjoy!

Heads Up Ogden/Layton Friends

Ok so I was reading my favorite blogs today and that lead me to another great blog Savvy Sister Shops and she posted about Family Fresh Foods.  It's a locally owned store that opened up in Ogden just a few months ago.  I've never personally shopped there but have driven by it many times.  It's by Ogden Regional Hospital.  The address is 5167 S Adams Avenue.  Anyway, she was simply RAVING about this store and here's why... Not only do they have great prices and price match... But they double your coupons up to a $1!!  Yep that's right.  I believe I will be making a trip up there tonight when Ian gets home from work instead of to the commissary.  I'll let you know how I do!  :) I'm so excited I can't wait!  Thanks for the info, Heather!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Quick Dollar General and Macey's Run 1/18/10 and Coupon Etiquette

So I ran to Dollar General today to grab electrasol with my $2.50 off coupons.  I had 4 so I got 4 boxes and paid just .50 cents a box!  Love it!! 

Then, I ran to Macey's because they had a few things on sale that I really wanted.  Now granted this is the first time I've ever been to Macey's but it was clean, friendly, and the prices really weren't bad at all.  Since I've been reading blogs and paying attention to the ads and deals that have been coming I've paid more attention to whats been on sale at other stores I don't generally go to.  Boy am I glad I did.  Macey's is part of the Associated Food Stores so they had in ad coupons that I could use with coupons I already had.  Plus this week in the ad they had a $3.00 MFG coupon for Quaker products when you buy 5.  How can you possibly beat that? 

So here is what I got a Macey's:
4 - 24 pks pure life water 2.98 each
4 - boxes Kellogs cereal 1.99 each
2 - chinet plates 2.99 each
3 - Sunbelt granola bars 3/$5
5 - boxes Quaker Oatmeal 1.78 each
2 - Pillsbury Toaster Strudel 2.00 each
3 - Malt o Meal Mini Spooners Cereal bags .89 each

Total = 46.43
-1.00/2 pure life
-1.00/2 pure life
-1.00/2 kellogs
-1.00/2 kellogs
-2.00 chinet
-2.00 chinet
-3.00 quaker
-1.50 in ad
-1.00 toaster strudel
-.55 toaster strudel
-B1G1 Sunbelt 1.66

total oop= 34.10

Oh and while I was in Dollar General I realized they had a packet of coupons that were sitting there.  One page was mfg and one page DG.  So I grabbed 2 and paid for my purchases and left.  Then I went to Macey's and used my coupons in my ad and walking out there were extra ads sitting there.  This got me to thinking about those types of things and what is the appropriate etiquette in taking your share?  You come by those ads, coupons, peelies, coupons on shelves... so how do you know exactly what is okay?  What are your thoughts on this subject?  I'd love to know!  Thanks!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Deals for the Week of 1/16/10!! (Complete with Pictures!!!)

Ok So I told you in my last post that I was going to be doing everything in my power to save some money. So I've done some research and am desperately trying to learn the Drugstore Game. If you don't know what that is, there is a FABULOUS explanation from Cheif Family Officer's Blog! I am still learning myself and her blog has been a valuable learning tool. The other way to learn I guess is trial and error. I'm hoping that don't do a whole lot of the error stuff because I'd really like to make a dent in that debt!

So these last two weeks I've worked furiously at getting my coupon's organized. I've finally decided on the coupon binder. I found the baseball card pages and got a binder that was laying around and went to work! My coupon is stash is well beyond what I even imagined it could be and it was becoming cumbersome in the tiny coupon organizer. I have felt a little strange today going into stores with a huge binder but let me tell you it's been SUCH a breeze! So much better than going through EVERY coupon I had every time I went to a store. Now I just flip the pages and ta-da, there it is!

Anyway on to my trips tonight. Ian took the boys out to the movies and I headed out to Old Navy, Target, and two different Walgreens. I'll get to that in a minute!

Old Navy is having their annual clearance sale and they have marked everything an additional 50% off.  Plus I got the online coupon for 10% off my entire purchase.  So This is what I spent:

Lace Cami 3.99
-50% 2.99
-10% .20 = 1.79
Tee 4.99
-50% 2.50
 -10% .25 =2.24
Tee 4.49
 - 50% 2/25
-10 %   .22 = 2.02
Tee 2.99
-50% 1.50
-10 % .15 = 1.34
 Grand Total = $7.39

Not too bad especially when it's clothes shopping for me!  :)

Ok this is Walgreen's trip number 1. Now I'm still pretty new to this whole drug store game thing so bear with me! So I did 3 transactions.
#1  Thermacare Heat Wrap
$2.49 on sale
-1.00 MFC
Final Cost= 1.49 plus $2.49 RR
so that's a $1.00 MONEY MAKER if I'm not mistaken!

#2 Same as #1
So I just made $2.00 and got two heat wraps... not too shabby right?

#3 Bic Soliel Disposable Razor
     Bic Comfort  Disposable Razor
2/$10 on Sale
-$3 coupon January Wags coupon book
-$2.50 RR
M&M filler
Final Cost= $.68 OOP

Wags trip #2.  Now this trip was a little difficult.  I got to the store got my items and had the cashier tell me that I could not do separate transactions and roll my RR's.  Needless to say, I walked away for a minute and thought about it and decided to leave the store.  This is the last night for these particular sales and register rewards so it was a little frustrating.  I decided to drive down to another store and see if they had what I needed but they were closed.  So I got a blizzard from Dairy Queen and drove back :) and spoke with the cashier again and asked to speak to the manager about the policy since I know so many of my fellow bloggers have said that there is no official written policy.  At that she decided that I could in fact do separate transactions.  What do you know?  So here is what I got and how it went down. 

Transaction #1
Kotex Tampons 18 pack
3/$9 on sale
-1.50 MFC
-3.00 RR
Final Cost= $5.08 plus $4 RR back

Transaction #2
Neosporin Lip Ointments
2/$8 on sale
-3.00 printable coupon
-2.50 RR
Final Price= $3.05 with $3 RR back

Transaction #3
Colgate Max Fresh Tooth Paste
$2.99 on sale
Kleenex (3 boxes)
$1.39 a box
-$1.00 MFC
-$.50 MFC
-$3.00 RR
Final Cost= 3.13 with $2 RR back
(and typing this I just realized she didn't scan the ad coupon for the kleenex which was supposed to be .79 a box and I didn't even realize it!:( )

Transaction #4
Colgate Max Fresh
Final Cost= 1.99 with $2.00 RR back

Same as #4
I didn't roll the RR's on these because it was almost 11 pm and I was getting tired LOL.  But technically I got 3 tubes of FREE tooth paste!!! How's that for a trip!  :)

This is from my trip to Rite Aid.  This was done after my Old Navy trip and before my first Wags trip.  :)
So here is what I got.  All in one transaction!
1 pack Huggies Pull Ups
8.99 On Sale
1 pack Huggies Pull Ups
8.99 on sale
Oxi Clean
Nivea Lip Balm
Nivea Lip Balm
GE 2 pack bulbs
2.00 on sale
-$2 pull ups printable
-$2 pull ups printable
-B1G1 Nivea 2.99
-1 ad perk pull ups
-$2 ad perk oxi clean
-1.50 ge bulbs
-$5/$20 rite aid
Final Cost =$16.24

Plus Rite Aid has Single Check Rebates too! 
Huggies SCR $1.00
GE Bulbs SCR $2.00
and I got 5 Game of Life game pieces!  I think I did pretty good tonight.  If you have any comments on how I can tweak my DSG playing I'd love to hear them!  Thanks!  :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Denting the Debt in 2010 and Other Things On My Mind

2010 is here! That means that this year marks several milestones in my life.
1) Ian and I are celebrating our 10 year anniversary this year!
2)Brennan is going to be 9 this year and Jaxon will be 4!
3) We will have been in Utah 5 years this June.
4)It has been 1 year since I fully and completely gave my whole life to Christ (including my will I fought that one for many many years!

I also realized that I actually kept my very first New Years Resolution! Christmas time 2008 I decided that I would make the commitment to be in church every Sunday given there were no communicable illnesses in our family! On the first Sunday of January, I was sitting next to my friend Brenda in church and one of our pastors was preaching on "A New Year's Resolution You Can Keep" and I leaned over and said I actually kept my resolution this year and God met me where I was and brought me here! She and I slapped high 5s and continued listening to the sermon. This year has not been an easy one and there were many many days that I didn't want to get out of bed let alone go to church or any where else for that matter, but God is so faithful. He met me right there in my bedroom every morning and got me out of bed and facing the day. My faith and my relationship has grown abundantly over the last year and I can clearly see that. Without that I don't think I would have gotten through those spinal taps or the craziness of my childrens heart stopping stunts.

I've thought long and hard about what I want to "resolve" to do in 2010 and I've come to the conclusion that I'd really like to make some headway getting out of debt. Now granted I did not get here by myself. I prayed about this hard and once again God has met me right where I am. He has given me a wonderful job (and no it's not dental assisting at the moment! I know shock right!) where I can take Jaxon or even Brennan with me every day. It's been a huge blessing. He also provided an answer to prayer~ Ian's Tech Stripes. Which if you are military you all know that's a substantial raise. Another thing God has provided is coupons and the wonderful blogging world of women who are teaching me how to stretch our families dollars so far that I know that we are going to dent the debt. These ladies have no idea the impact they have on me or my family because they have not a clue who I am but I thank God for them and the time they take to help us find the best deals for our families. Ian is so impressed with the "savings" on our groceries this month that he texted his friends to tell them about my deals. I was pretty excited that he did that. So I'm going to try to begin posting the steals and deals I get on my shopping trips and helping anyone I know along the way. I want to pass the blessings on to other people too. I feel it's one way I can personally praise and woship such an amazing and providing God!

So what are you planning to do in 2010? I'd love to know!

PS I'm going to be adding buttons for the blogs that I get the deals, couponing info from. They are great resources! :)