Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Deals for the Week of 1/16/10!! (Complete with Pictures!!!)

Ok So I told you in my last post that I was going to be doing everything in my power to save some money. So I've done some research and am desperately trying to learn the Drugstore Game. If you don't know what that is, there is a FABULOUS explanation from Cheif Family Officer's Blog! I am still learning myself and her blog has been a valuable learning tool. The other way to learn I guess is trial and error. I'm hoping that don't do a whole lot of the error stuff because I'd really like to make a dent in that debt!

So these last two weeks I've worked furiously at getting my coupon's organized. I've finally decided on the coupon binder. I found the baseball card pages and got a binder that was laying around and went to work! My coupon is stash is well beyond what I even imagined it could be and it was becoming cumbersome in the tiny coupon organizer. I have felt a little strange today going into stores with a huge binder but let me tell you it's been SUCH a breeze! So much better than going through EVERY coupon I had every time I went to a store. Now I just flip the pages and ta-da, there it is!

Anyway on to my trips tonight. Ian took the boys out to the movies and I headed out to Old Navy, Target, and two different Walgreens. I'll get to that in a minute!

Old Navy is having their annual clearance sale and they have marked everything an additional 50% off.  Plus I got the online coupon for 10% off my entire purchase.  So This is what I spent:

Lace Cami 3.99
-50% 2.99
-10% .20 = 1.79
Tee 4.99
-50% 2.50
 -10% .25 =2.24
Tee 4.49
 - 50% 2/25
-10 %   .22 = 2.02
Tee 2.99
-50% 1.50
-10 % .15 = 1.34
 Grand Total = $7.39

Not too bad especially when it's clothes shopping for me!  :)

Ok this is Walgreen's trip number 1. Now I'm still pretty new to this whole drug store game thing so bear with me! So I did 3 transactions.
#1  Thermacare Heat Wrap
$2.49 on sale
-1.00 MFC
Final Cost= 1.49 plus $2.49 RR
so that's a $1.00 MONEY MAKER if I'm not mistaken!

#2 Same as #1
So I just made $2.00 and got two heat wraps... not too shabby right?

#3 Bic Soliel Disposable Razor
     Bic Comfort  Disposable Razor
2/$10 on Sale
-$3 coupon January Wags coupon book
-$2.50 RR
M&M filler
Final Cost= $.68 OOP

Wags trip #2.  Now this trip was a little difficult.  I got to the store got my items and had the cashier tell me that I could not do separate transactions and roll my RR's.  Needless to say, I walked away for a minute and thought about it and decided to leave the store.  This is the last night for these particular sales and register rewards so it was a little frustrating.  I decided to drive down to another store and see if they had what I needed but they were closed.  So I got a blizzard from Dairy Queen and drove back :) and spoke with the cashier again and asked to speak to the manager about the policy since I know so many of my fellow bloggers have said that there is no official written policy.  At that she decided that I could in fact do separate transactions.  What do you know?  So here is what I got and how it went down. 

Transaction #1
Kotex Tampons 18 pack
3/$9 on sale
-1.50 MFC
-3.00 RR
Final Cost= $5.08 plus $4 RR back

Transaction #2
Neosporin Lip Ointments
2/$8 on sale
-3.00 printable coupon
-2.50 RR
Final Price= $3.05 with $3 RR back

Transaction #3
Colgate Max Fresh Tooth Paste
$2.99 on sale
Kleenex (3 boxes)
$1.39 a box
-$1.00 MFC
-$.50 MFC
-$3.00 RR
Final Cost= 3.13 with $2 RR back
(and typing this I just realized she didn't scan the ad coupon for the kleenex which was supposed to be .79 a box and I didn't even realize it!:( )

Transaction #4
Colgate Max Fresh
Final Cost= 1.99 with $2.00 RR back

Same as #4
I didn't roll the RR's on these because it was almost 11 pm and I was getting tired LOL.  But technically I got 3 tubes of FREE tooth paste!!! How's that for a trip!  :)

This is from my trip to Rite Aid.  This was done after my Old Navy trip and before my first Wags trip.  :)
So here is what I got.  All in one transaction!
1 pack Huggies Pull Ups
8.99 On Sale
1 pack Huggies Pull Ups
8.99 on sale
Oxi Clean
Nivea Lip Balm
Nivea Lip Balm
GE 2 pack bulbs
2.00 on sale
-$2 pull ups printable
-$2 pull ups printable
-B1G1 Nivea 2.99
-1 ad perk pull ups
-$2 ad perk oxi clean
-1.50 ge bulbs
-$5/$20 rite aid
Final Cost =$16.24

Plus Rite Aid has Single Check Rebates too! 
Huggies SCR $1.00
GE Bulbs SCR $2.00
and I got 5 Game of Life game pieces!  I think I did pretty good tonight.  If you have any comments on how I can tweak my DSG playing I'd love to hear them!  Thanks!  :)


jskell911 said...

Wow that's a lot of shopping! I was hoping to be able to stop at ON this weekend, but it was a no go.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Frugal Burb Chick said...

I think you did great!! I LOVE those Old Navy clearance sales! I shop at Wags often, but not Riteaid, and I think I may need to start. :)