Thursday, January 21, 2010

Trip to Family Fresh Foods

My trip to Family Fresh Foods was A+!   Absolutely fantastic.  I really didn't get to stay as long as I'd like since I had to pick up my son from school but I'm definitely going back there as soon as I can.  It is so clean and the people that work there are so friendly.  Jaxon, my 3 year old, started throwing a fit and the manager came over and talked to him and took him to get an ice cream cone for free!  Jaxon was happy as a clam after that!!  That right there made my day!  I also ran right smack dab into Heather from Savvy Sister Shops!  It took me a minute to realize that I was actually talking to her and meeting someone from my cyber world but it was pretty cool.  She came up and said " I see you are using coupons.  I have a blog..." and handed me her card.  I looked at it and said to her "actually I already read your blog!  That's how I found out about the store to begin with!  So thanks!"  So Heather I hope we "run" into each other again soon! :)

Here's what I got:
10 boxes of Hamburger Helper .88 (price matched from Macey's)  Final Price: FREE
3 Carefree Panty Liners 1.34  Final Price: FREE
2 Jif Peanut Butter 1.97 Final Price: 1.64 ea
1 Smuckers Grape Jelly 2.59
2 Chinet Plates 2.99 Final Price: $.99 ea
2 Kotex panty liners 1.29 Final Price: FREE
1 Fast Fixin Popcorn Poppers 4.99 (it's in the freezer ) Final Price: 2.99
(earlier in the day I ran to Target and grabbed 4 Johnson Buddies .97 each $1/1 had 4 coupons so I got them all FREE!)
So back to FFF!
Total : 32.90
Vendor Coupons Used: $9.19
Double Coupons Courtesy of FFF: $7.90
Total OOP: $12.31

Totally love this store and will definitely be making a trip there again soon.  I didn't get a few things on my list that I had wanted to get today so I may be going tomorrow! :)

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Heather said...

Sweet, Denise! I thought it was great running into people at FFF that actually read my blog!
Isn't getting free food a total rush? I love your post, I knew other people take pictures of their shopping trips! My nine-year-old daughter thinks your son is lucky getting an ice cream cone, she might try to throw a fit just to get one next time we're there. ;) Shopping with kids is always an adventure! Thanks for sending me your link!