Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Savvy Sister Shops

One of my new favorite blogs is based right here in Utah called Savvy Sister Shops.  It's written by Heather and a funny thing happened with us.  I found out about her blog a few months ago and a day or two later I was in the store and this lady approached me and asked me about using coupons.  Lo and behold it was Heather!  So that's how we met!  And since then I've read her book Savvy Shopper 101 (I won it through a giveaway contest!) and found that it was a fabulous read.  It was incredibly easy to understand and is more that just a how to book.  I refer to her book often when I have questions and when I can't figure it out I just send her a comment on her blog and she tries to answer it for me.  Just yesterday I got to spend a few minutes with her and realized even further how generous she is and how much she wants people to truly get the most for their money.  Getting deals is so exciting and when you come home with a trunk full of groceries and have spend half of what you have normally spend and then the next time a third of that you realize that couponing isn't something you can afford not to do.  Check it out.  Even if you are curious!  If nothing else, she posts some great recipe's on there too from all the great sales she gets.  There is something for everyone! :)

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