Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jaxon and MacGyver

The theme song to the old tv show MacGyver is now permanently stuck in my head.  Thanks in part to Netflix.  Ian's been watching it on Netflix a lot lately and Jaxon LOVES this show.  I mean not just a little bit but like LOVES LOVES LOVES this show.  He forgoes cartoons, playing with toys, playing the wii, and eating to watch this show.  He finds it utterly fascinating.  I'm so not kidding.  So this morning when Ian got up, Lego Star Wars was turned off and MacGyver was turned on.  This is the picture that I caught in my living room th is morning.  All my boys (Brennan, Ian, Jaxon, Grandpa Chuck, and even Logan)  were in the living room watching the show. 

On our way to Brian's 4th of July Party on Monday we saw one of Ian's coworkers from Sams.  His name is David.  Super nice guy.  As he was crossing the street Jaxon yells out "Dad, your friend looks like MacGyver." The sad part is Jaxon was totally on the money.  So now David has a new nickname. 

Jaxon's loves MacGyver so much that we keep finding random swiss army knives that we've had around the house in his bedroom.  Now we have to hide them.  I'm not sure a 4 year old really needs a swiss army knife but OMG Jaxon thinks he does.  You'd think we'd taken away his bike or something.  Anyway, I just had to capture 4 generations of Carpenter boys and the show that brings my boys together!
I <3 them!

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