Monday, May 21, 2012

The Heart of the Matter

This morning I woke up and checked facebook and one of the things that stood out to me was a new post from Lysa TerKeurst.  Now she was posting about things she wanted her daughter to know about any person she dates.  The list struck me because I believe that we should be aware of these things in any individual that we spend our precious time on, whether it be a dating relationship, a friendship, a mentorship.  These questions hit me because there has been a situation going on in my personal life (actually 2 separate situations) that I wonder if I had focused on these questions maybe I wouldn't have gotten so wrapped up in the hurt that has since come forth. 
Here is her list of questions and I'm adapting them to friendships.

Worship — Who or what does she worship in the shrine of her heart?

Words — Do her words (spoken and written) build others up or tear them down?

Character — Who is she when no one else is looking?

Personality — Who is she around other people?

Interests — What kinds of things does she do to recharge?

Feelings — Do you feel better about yourself when she’s around?

Attraction — Is your attraction to her centered around something that will stay over time?

When you live for Christ ALL PEOPLE matter.  Please hear my heart.  They all deserve to hear the truth of the Gospel of what Jesus did for them.  They all deserve to be spoken to and loved regardless of the way they look, act, dress.  Why? Because people matter to God and so as people who are becoming sanctified, they should matter to us.  BUT, when you are looking at growing a friendship and letting someone beyond the barriers of your heart I think these key questions should be asked.  If you allow yourself to get entertwined with someone who does not have a heart for God, that does not always seek to build others up, you walk a dangerous path and flirt with the temptation to steer off your path. 

I also think it's a great reminder and a chance to reflect on these questions for ourselves.  So Who and what do I worship in my heart?  Are the things I say and write building others up?Who am I when no one else is looking?  Who am I around others? What do I do to recharge? Will others feel better when I am around? Are my frienships centered around something that will stay over time?

When others look at me, I pray that they see Christ shining through and HIS love for them.  I want those around me to see that I love them and that their trust and friendship is important to me.  Our Pastor did a fabulous sermon yesterday on serving the World.  One of the questions he asked was "At the end of your life, what words do you want to hear?" His sermon was based on the parable Jesus tells in Matthew 25:14-25 about the Master who gives his servants talents according to their abilities. When the Master returns, he says to the servants who have multiplied thier talents, "Well done, good and faithful servant.  You have been faithful over a little, I will set you over much.  Enter into the joy of your master."
Oh my heart longs for Jesus to say those words to me when I finally meet Him face to face. 

So I ask you, what words do you long to hear?  Will you examine your heart with the questions above and contemplate them about the people around you? My Sunday school teacher, Karl, said yesterday "You are known by the company you keep." It absolutely gives me a lot to think about.  How about you?

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